The Ultimate Guide for Parents to Monitor Kids on Facebook

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Monitoring kids on Facebook informs parents of children’s social networking activities and enables parents to take actions to protect children from porn, cyberbullying and violence. One of the biggest household controversies with regard to teen Internet use is how to find a balance between protecting kids and giving them a modicum of privacy that may truly be deserved. So parents go on a mission and come across several terrific options. One of their favorites is monitoring kids on Facebook.

Why Monitor Children’s Social Networking Activities?

A survey of 2,000 parents and teenagers by TRUSTe and Lightspeed Research found that 72% of parents check in on their teen’s social networking accounts at least once per month. That’s made easier by the prevalence of Facebook – 95% of parents and 90% of teens with a social networking account have one on Facebook, and “most of those teens are friends with their parents,” according to the study.

Considering the numerous cases of cyberbullying and unwanted sexual solicitations that occur within Facebook, it’s no wonder parents are worried about how much access is appropriate for their children. Following the ways below will help parents to monitor and restrict their kids on Facebook.

How to Monitor Kids on Facebook?

To protect children safe online, parents need to do something to keep an eye on children’s social networking activities, such as Facebook, Line, Kik, QQ and more. Here are a few feasible and effective methods to monitor kids on Facebook.

  • Creates a Facebook account and “friends” their children.
  • Once children accept the request, friends (parents) will be notified of status changes, new pictures, tagged photos, comments and posts that use certain language that may alert the parent to a cyberbullying incident or even a sexual solicitation.
  • If children reject the request or exclude parents from seeing certain wall posts and pictures. Parents can create two accounts: one for the family, and one for everyone else.
  • Find a middle ground by using parental control Keystroke logger software. By installing keystroke logger software such as EaseMon parental control software on a home computer, parents can define their own rules including blocking certain websites and applications via keywords, controlling the time of using the Internet. The keystroke logger software will also monitor and record all Facebook conversations and Facebook pages children viewed, capture desktops screenshots by a specified interval time. Parents can know all children’s Facebook activities via Facebook spy solution even if they set the privacy to parents on Facebook.

EaseMon parental control software monitors kids on Facebook by enabling parents to have full control over children’s online activities, including Facebook updates, contacts, chat conversations, screenshots of Facebook activities. If parents think that children have spent too much time on Facebook or has made friends with suspicious guys via Facebook, parents can even block the access to Facebook.

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