Best Web Filter for Mac Helps Parents With Blocking

For parents who need Mac filtering software, best web filter for Mac offers the best solution. How Is The Best Web Filter for Mac Useful? “Our daughter told us she saw some stuff online that was disturbing. We checked the history and it was pornography – extremely graphic and totally explicit. We are very concerned […] Tags: , , , ,

Block Various Contents on Mac with Filter Mac

Aobo Filter for Mac OS X blocks unwanted websites, applications and games and protects your Mac from unfriendly, harmful and unwanted content online. Are you ever annoyed by an unwanted website that suddenly appears on your Mac when you are immersing in your studies on Internet? Are you ever embarrassed by rubbish ads such as […] Tags: , , ,

How to Block Facebook on Mac?

It’s necessary for parents to block Facebook on Mac to prevent kids from accessing inappropriate content on Facebook. Although Facebook is popular as a social communication tool, it also brings about some problems which cannot be overlooked. Blocking Facebook on Mac is an emergency for parents. The Side Effects of Facebook Facebook has a growing […] Tags: , , ,

How to Block A Single Web Page on Mac 301

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How to Block Websites on Mac OS X

It’s possible to block websites on Mac OS X at home with Aobo Filter for Mac. Over the years you may have struggled to keep yourself away from distracting (yet lovely) websites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, Youtube, and others. Most of the workplaces block websites on OS X, hoping it would increase the productivity […] Tags: , , ,