Stealth Keylogger

Micro Keylogger is a multifunctional PC monitoring application and one of the most used functionality is the built in keystroke logging feature used to spy on computer usage, capturing all keystrokes typed on the keyboard, logging all texts on the clipboard.

Stealth keylogger is considered one of the best keystroke logger application providers among many other useful features, it can record any keystrokes or passwords used whenever someone is logging into his or her email account or instant messenger application.

Product use of Micro Keylogger

For company owners
Supposing you are the owner of the company, it is always better to be precautious as you might not trust in your employees’ daily activity. The stealth keylogger records all the words and chat conversations typed at your side throughout the working days, delivering you valuable information. All the characters will be recorded with the date and time alongside, as well as the passwords used in applications like Instant Messengers and others.

We can only recommend this product to any business owner who wants to find out if there is any information leakage delivered to his competitors or one of his employees is just preparing to leave the company. Micro Keylogger will provide you with all this information.

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For parents
The keystroke logger functionality is useful when you really want to find out contextual information, not just what applications have been used. This functionality might be useful to spy on your spouse or children. Only this way you can find out if your children are lying to you.

The stealth keylogger shows you everything, starting from characters to words and even to the whole sentences typed. Asterisk type passwords will be revealed to you as original characters making you a real spy and a person who knows everything what is being typed on the computer.

For monitoring your own computer
You never know who is using your computer in your absence. The stealth keylogger will let you know exactly what has been typed while you were out of your office or home place.

Other benefits of Micro Keylogger:
There are many keystroke loggers available to purchase. Our keystroke logger, one of the stealth keylogger‘s many functionalities, runs in invisible mode without the knowledge of the monitored user.In addition, as soon as you have purchased or downloaded our Micro Keylogger, you will benefit from all its functionalities.

Besides keystroke logging, our product features other useful embedded programs like recording visited websites, chat conversations at your side, texts on the clipboard, monitoring what type of applications have been used and even creating screen snapshots.

This keystroke logger feature records everything typed on the computer and saves it in a special and hidden file prior sending a report to you. The report can be checked by email or through an FTP connection viewable. You also have the option to schedule when you want the report to be sent to you.

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