Signs of Having a Keylogger for Mac

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Here are some signs of having a keylogger for Mac that you should pay attention to. Mac Keylogger is a security program for your Mac that records activities performed on your computer. The stealthy keylogger stays hidden in the background and captures keystrokes, desktop screenshots, web history and sometimes even application passwords. The users usually install the program to your Mac to monitor the activities on your computer. Although many Mac keyloggers are said to be undetectable, there are still some clues that can help you to determine if a keylogger is installed in your Mac.

Dock Icons

For software keyloggers, the first place you should notice is the Dock. Many legitimate and commercial Mac keyloggers have Dock icons that will tell whether the computer is being monitored. Here are some other signs that can help you to determine if your computer has a Keylogger for Mac:

Network Activitiy

Network activity even if you are not accessing the network. This happens when the Mac Keylogger attempts to send the captured data through the Internet.

Unknown or Mysterious Running Processes

Some keyloggers do not leave icons on your Dock but sometimes the process of the Mac Keylogger may appear in the Activity Monitor. If you notice an unknown process in your Activity Monitor, that may be a keylogger.

Online Accounts Change

If you are sure that you are the only one who knows your log-in details on various online accounts and you notice some changes, like a change of settings, passwords, or even transactions (banks, credit cards), then it is another clue that someone else manages to steal your log-in details through keyloggers.

Those above are just some basic signsof having a Keylogger for Mac. However, there are also keyloggers that can effectively hide themselves, avoiding detection. You should be alert in case of something wrong happening.

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