Should You Spy on Your Employees’ Computer?

Why should you spy on your employees’ computer? Because of developed mobile platform and increased social media websites, more and more employees nowadays are leaning towards slacking their valuable office time on unproductive work. This has caused a huge problem for employers as they are now paying their employees for using Facebook and playing games on their phone. Spying on employees’ computer activities becomes most employers’ common choice.

In order to save company’s hard earned money and increase productivity, companies are now installing high tech employee monitoring software programs. But before installing such surveillance system, you should know the major reasons why most employers nowadays are installing employee monitoring programs on their office.

Finding Slackers by Spying on Your Employees’ Computer

The #1 reason why employers nowadays are installing computer and mobile operation surveillance programs in their office is to find out the slackers. Now the question is that isn’t video surveillance not enough? To be precise, it is not. By using the video footage you might think that an employee is giving 100 % of his/her desk to get the job done, but most of the cameras can’t get close enough to your employee’s computer screen to find out what website he/she is visiting or what apps he/she is using . Employees are well aware about this security flaw and there is a big chance that your employees are currently capitalizing on it every day. So without spending more time on thinking whether or not to spy on employees’ computer activities , you should install employee tracking software right now. You can find an updated list of best tracking software programs on our employee monitoring software overview page.

Securing Company Data

While you ensure the most perfect surveillance system to keep an eye on your employees’ computer use, it will not only help them stay more focused on their work, but will also help you ensure the highest level of information security for the company. If recently your company’s information system is facing a lot of problems such as unauthorized information leakage and illegal content download using the office Internet, then you should not waste a single day for giving a second thought on spying on your employees’ computers.

By installing one of the best spy monitoring solutions, you will be able to ensure the most secured employee monitoring service for your company. Let’s see some of the security features of Easemon, one of the best staff monitoring tools in the market:

  • Provides authorization to the employer to remotely enable/disable Easemon in case of an emergency
  • Tracks and logs a list of websites visited by an employee in incognito or private browsing mode
  • Provides instant notification when an employee uses an office computer for any unauthorized work or types an inappropriate word
  • Keeps a log of every email and IM message to provide enhanced clarification between employer and employee
  • Runs fully on stealth mode and provides time to time in-depth report on the current condition of an Employee Mac

Increasing Employee Productivity

The last but not the least important reason for using employee monitoring tool is to increase productivity. If your company gets paid by company clients based on the productivity rate, then it is essential for you as an employer to make sure that no one is slacking or killing precious company time while on duty. If recently your company is performing way less than what it used to be and you are suspecting an increasing number of slackers in your company , then it is time for you to go with surveillance software.

If you spend too much time considering whether you should spy on your employees’ computers or not, then it is a matter of time when slacking become a part of your company culture and drives your company to bankruptcy. So, to save your company and maintain a high level of productivity, it is important that you install a piece of top quality employee monitoring software at your office.

Tips: To find the names and reviews of top performing employee spy tool, check out our employee monitoring software intro page.

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