Safe Web Blocker for School Is Needed

When it comes to utilizing an Internet safety software for students, educators are prone to choose web blocker as educating and protecting students in a digital world can be a challenge for school. It is a daunting task for educators to safeguard students from porn and cyber bullying on the Internet, while with web blocker, educators can handle with these issues readily.

Today the number of pornography sites boosts so quickly that it is just too easy for students to get access to porn sites, for instance, when teens unconsciously put a word into Google or other search engines, not only does the information they search for appear, but also the porn websites pop up. In order to keep porn out, educators can apply web blocker which owns advanced filtering technology. Web blocker automatically filters porn sites by keywords or URL. After customizations, web blocker checks and blocks porn words in websites in full-scale, including porn words in the title, tags and body. Therefore, students will be protected from porn and teachers can ease their minds.

Another difficult task for educators is safeguarding students from cyber bullying. A CBS 2 (television) Special Report showed that more than half of 4-8th grade students have been bullied online and major cyber bullying has taken place in chat rooms, instant messaging applications, emails and games. How to prevent students from being bullied or bullying others? School administrators can deploy web blocker to deal with cyber bullying. Besides logging websites browsed, web blocker filters certain improper games from running and applications like MSN, Facebook from applying. And thus, teachers can know what sites students frequently viewed, and teachers can block the mentioned applications if cyber bullying is likely to happen. In a word, educators can create a safe online world for students with web blocker.

Aside from protecting students from porn and cyber bullying, web blocker which filters unwanted sites aids teachers to block inappropriate websites. Besides, web blocker works in a stable and undetectable mode and can’t be bypassed. With so many potential risks waiting to jeopardize the unsecured network and harm vulnerable students, web blocker is the answer for school.

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