Remotely Spy any PC with Micro Keylogger

improve insider threat prevention

By remotely spying on PC, you can take full control of what your PC is being used for and know all the activities that take place on the computer. This is of particular importance in case of home computers which are in access of multiple users who are often the members of the same family, and computers in work place used by a particular employee or several employees. You can use Micro Keylogger to remotely spy on your PC.

Applications of Remote PC Spying

In today’s era of modern communications and information technology, being able to monitor every single task done on a computer is a great blessing. It enables parents to monitor their children and protect them from the inappropriate online content, employers to have good supervision over their workers, and people living in remote location to be aware of others online and offline activity.

Spying with keylogger is not a new concept, but this nifty little tool that goes by the name of Micro Keylogger just gives it a whole new form. A form that is undetectable, invincible, more secure and gives you more command and control over the level of monitoring and remote PC spying you need.

Monitoring Keystrokes with Micro Keylogger

Micro Keylogger as the name suggests is a very tiny and undetectable keylogger that can record all the keystrokes entered on a computer. This allows you to monitor what operations were performed on a computer, what websites were opened, as well as secretly monitor chat messages. You can also capture the passwords and take screenshots of the screen at specified intervals. This makes remotely spying PC very easy and effective.

Micro Keylogger is one of the most powerful keystroke loggers ever made. It enables you to remotely spy PC or any other computer. It can provide you the first hand information about what your PC is being used for, so that you can make sure only the acceptable and desired activities take place through it.

Micro Keylogger quietly runs in the background of your Windows operating system and secretly records all keys pressed. You can retrieve the keyboard logged data through your email or an FTP file server anytime you want. Micro Keylogger works with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and works with both x32 and x64 versions of operating systems. It is very easy to install and takes only a few seconds to setup.

Why Use Keystroke Logger?

Spying only makes things worse so why do it at all? A lot of people have that coming to their mind. But the truth is entirely contrary to what it seems to be. Often you’ll be faced with situations in your personal life when you can’t decide for sure whether to trust a person or not, whether they’re sincere to you or not. In such cases remote PC spy apps can be very helpful for you. It can show you the true picture of how the things are for the programmed codes do not lie.

Likewise in many homes children spend countless hours on the Internet without the parent knowing what they’re up to. In such cases parents can remotely spy the home computer to check how their children spend their time online. If any susceptible or inappropriate activity is found, Easemon can also help you in blocking these websites or restrict access to them.

Finally when employees know their online activity is being monitored and their work is subject to supervision of employers, chances of ineffective working and inappropriate work conduct is considerably reduced.

Owing to these many benefits many people have resorted to remote spying on PC software and apps and saved themselves and their children from all undesirable activity.

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