What Makes a Perfect Keylogger for Mac OS X

Keylogger Mac is an application that monitors and records every keystroke typed on a specific computer system – Mac OS X. A Perfect Keylogger Mac keeps the trace of all the activities of Mac, for example keystrokes typed by the user, chats in instant messengers, websites opened and searches completed on Internet.

In simple words, a Perfect Keylogger Mac can keep a record of almost everything done on your Mac and all the activities of the Perfect Keylogger Mac is invisible. It comes with numerous vital highlights of a Perfect Keylogger Mac.

  • It runs in complete stealth mode
    A Perfect Keylogger Mac stays invisibly after configuration. Other users on the Mac won’t detect the Keylogger Mac if you swipe the downloaded files after installation.
  • It is able to record typed passwords
    Passwords can be an important part of the Mac monitoring. A Perfect Keylogger Mac will capture typed passwords, in asterisk format or invisible, on the Mac.
  • It keeps the log of visited websites
    Web history can reveal the user behaviors on the Mac in a large extent. A Perfect Keylogger Mac does log website history in popular web browsers on Mac.
  • It is possible to take screen images
    A Perfect Keylogger Mac should be able to take high quality screenshots of the display screen at period set by the person who wants to keep track of the Mac.
  • It sends out logs for remote checking
    When you have no access to the target Mac, you can rely on the Perfect Keylogger Mac to check all the logs remotely with Emails or other online accounts.

A Perfect Keylogger Mac is primarily valuable in the workplaces, where business managers would like to keep an eye on the work status of their employees during office hours. Perfect Keylogger Mac may assist the companies to follow the activities of their employees, so that business managers can take important step against any illegitimate activity before it becomes a threat to the company. Perfect Keylogger Mac is also helpful for parents to track their kids’ activity on the Mac and guard their kids against the online predators.

Amac Keylogger for Mac OS X is one of the Perfect Keyloggers Mac. You can apply it to all the users on your Mac and see what is going on in your Mac. One thing to consider while using Keylogger Mac is that it may be illegitimate by your law to spy on somebody and you should use them only for genuine reasons and not for any illegal activity.


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