Parental Web Blocker for Mac

Parental Web Blocker for Mac

Parental web blocker for Mac helps parents protect kids from inappropriate websites online. Nowadays, the Internet often plays a big role in the life of a very young child. While the truth is that the Internet brings us a lot of conveniences, but it also brings many dangers, especially for some young innocent children. Only by limiting the Internet to a reasonable level with Aobo Blocker for Mac, can we gain a win-win situation. Aobo Internet Blocker for Mac provides protection for children with website blocking, applications blocking and websites recording features.

Provide Internet Security for Your Children

Facing such a message overflow era, the Facebook generation demands a more technical, round-the-clock approach to online security, with Internet content filters and monitoring software offering parents the peace of mind they crave. Aobo Web Blocker for Mac is the one which can provide Internet security for your children. The program is extremely effective in enabling parents to control young children’s computer use.

Is your child abusing his or her Internet privileges by watching obscene videos? If so, the Aobo Filter for Mac is for you. Aobo parental Internet Blocker for Mac blocks any websites on the Internet on a per-user basis, and certain Games or Applications.

Are you distressed of some gambling, social networking and game-playing sites bringing bad effects to your children? Don’t you worry about that too much? Aobo Blocker for Mac blocks the websites in the blacklist from loading in the browser and allow only specific websites in the White list.

Are you worried about your children attempting to hide web browsing activities? Take it easy. Aobo Blocker for Mac captures any websites visited even if the Private Browsing is enabled. Any visited websites will be logged into Web History. And any website history will not be deleted with the cleanup of the web browser history.

Functions of Parental Web Blocker for Mac

Aobo Internet Filter blocks unsuitable content on the Internet and prevents it from being shown on the screen. None of such filtering software can be absolutely 100% effective, but in the main best Internet filtering software – Aobo web Blocker for Mac will successfully block out undesirable sites.

Block Inappropriate Websites

This parental web blocker for Mac blocks the website URLs which are considered inappropriate for kids. In this way, children cannot visit porn, violent, or online casino websites when they are using computers.

Record Websites Visited on Mac

Also, the Mac blocker tracks the websites that children visited on the target Mac computer, including keystrokes entered in URLs, screenshots of web browsing. It will help parents know better whether the kids have inappropriate activities online. Parents can take timely action to prevent kids from making mistakes once they detect something wrong. 

Remote Control and Monitoring

The parental Mac blocker allows parents to receive the monitoring logs by email or log into the cloud panel to check the logs remotely. Therefore, it’s easy to view the logs. Besides, parents can set up alert keywords so that when the keywords are triggered, screenshots or keystrokes will be recorded and sent to users’ preset emails at once.

Aobo parental web blocker for Mac is of great help for parents to manage and control their children’s use of the websites. Aobo Internet Blocker for Mac provides protection for children and teenagers who are vulnerable to the possible negative effects that objectionable material available on the Internet can cause. In this way, parents can protect kids from being exposed to porn and violent content online. Isn’t it amazing?

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