Watch Family Mac Usage with Parental Control for Mac

Parental control for Mac enables you to constrain what kids do on the Mac. How severely you limit access depends on what programs you use, and what you believe they can handle for you, in terms of both power and utility.

Configured correctly, the parental control for Mac will be remarkably effective. But nowadays a great many families don not think that there is no need to install parental control software on the home Mac to keep an eye out for what is happening on it, because most parents think that it is safe for children or someone else to surf the Internet at home, especially under the control of them. Definitely, there is no question that children often behave well on the home Mac when you keep company with them.

However, most parents say that they do not have enough time with their children, let alone keeping tabs on their activity on home Mac. As the best parental control for Mac, Amac Keylogger provides practical ways for you to access your children’s online world while processing some control.

It acts as the most powerful parental monitoring software that allows you to monitor almost everything your kids do on the Mac. Commonly, when you want to see what your kids were doing while using the home Mac, you just need to install the parental control for Mac on your home Mac easily in several minutes, and it will tell you everything you want to figure out. Because the parental control software is able to record all keystrokes your kids typed on your Mac keyboard, passwords entered, chat logs, web activity, composed email content and so on, which means that you can secretly know what they often do on your home Mac easily by looking at the keystroke logs, checking the chat and web recording, and playing back the snapshots.

Even if you trust your children , you might feel better if you can track all their activities. The parental control for Mac records everything invisibly to provide powerful monitoring options for you, and all logs recorded will be sent to your own email or FTP set in advance periodically. By this way, you are allowed to know all things your children do online, help them foresee some potential dangers, and protect them invisibly.

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