Mac Parental Control Ensures Kids Online Safety

Due to a great increasing number of adolescents get lost in the Internet, parents pour more attention into their kids’ online safety than before. These two pieces of powerful parental control software: Aobo Mac Spy Software and Aobo Internet Filter for Mac, can ensure kids’ online safety.

No matter at home or in school, an army of youngsters spend most of their time online, which puts them into the spotlight. According to CIC, there is a trend that the higher grade kids are, the more time they spend online. Specifically, children in elementary school spend 3.8 hours a day, kids in junior high school spend 4.9 hours everyday, and even worse, the senior high school students spend as much as 5.1 hours when they are out of school. A new study from research firm Harris Interactive shows that there are about a third of parents failing to teach their kids how to use the Internet safely. And parents are still struggling for efficient tools which can ensure their kids’ online safety.

Experts say children are particularly vulnerable to predators when divulging their personal information on social networks or blogs. In order to prevent this from happening, parents had better resort to monitoring software, web filters, or other parental control software, such as Aobo Mac Spy Software and Aobo Internet Filter for Mac, which can protect kids from danger online.

1. Aobo Mac Spy Software – monitor and record kids’ activities online

Aobo Mac Spy Software will monitor and record all the kids’ activities online, including the keystrokes typed, websites visited, passwords pressed, and the both sides chat conversations. With this great parental monitoring software, you, as a parent, can clearly know what your kid’s did on Mac and protect them immediately.

2. Aobo Internet Filter for Mac – block and filter websites and applications

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is a fantastic parental control software to filter dangerous websites and prohibit running the inappropriate applications. It can also block harmful games and programs. This software can keep your kids away from all the unhealthy contents and games.

With the two monitoring tools mentioned above, parents can keep their kids safe online.

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