Amac Keylogger Helps You Locate Stolen Mac

Locate Stolen Mac

Using a Mac Keylogger to locate the stolen Mac may be the best method to get the precious Mac computer back. Our laptop is a serious investment and precious equipment. We keep sensitive information on it and maybe even depend on it to make a living. It connects us, informs and entertains us. And yes, sometimes it distracts us. Dealing with a lost or stolen laptop is not typically a thought we ponder in our busy lives. Well now, the good news, there are some powerful tools such as Amac Keylogger out there to assist us in the recovery of a lost or stolen laptop.

The Logging Features of Mac Keylogger

Mac Keylogger is a powerful monitoring tool that monitors every activity on your Mac. Take Amac keylogger for Mac as an example. It runs all the time as user logins on Mac and works stealthily in background. It tracks every keystroke inputted, websites visited and instant message and takes periodical desktop screenshots in real-time. As long as you install this keylogger onto your Mac, you can view the logs of the computer activities through the emails sent to you.

Track IP Address

Amac keylogger for Mac supports the tracking of IP address on the target Mac computer. If your computer is unfortunately lost, you can use this feature to track it and get it back.

Desktop Screenshots

Automatic screenshots is another brilliant feature of Amac Keylogger. You can capture the desktop activities of the target Mac computer and therefore know what others are doing on your computer.

Chat Logging

The chats from chatting software such as Skype, Adium, and iMessage can be logged in detail. If someone steals your computer, you can monitor the thief’s chats and find the proof and clue to get your computer back.

Websites Visited

This keylogger supports the tracking of websites visited on the Mac computer, including URLs, website title, the searches, and more.

Application Usage

Amac keylogger logs how applications are used on the Mac computer, including app name, how long an application has been used, correlate application logs with captured screenshots, and more.

Keystroke Logging

Last but not least, Amac keylogger records the keystrokes and passwords which are inputted on the Mac computer. You can use the feature to know how your computer is used.

Locate Stolen Mac by Tracking IP Address

The primary helpful function of this Mac Keylogger is that it logs IP address of the monitored Mac. For Mac users, tracing an IP address is actually pretty straightforward. Using a Mac Keylogger, you will get the IP address of your Mac easily. The Mac Keylogger from Amac logs the IP address of your Mac and sends you the information of your Mac location to your email box to help you locate your Mac or the Mac users.

By installing Amac Keylogger to your own Mac computer in advance, you can easily get it back if it’s unfortunately stolen or lost. You can even use the software to catch the thief who steals your computer. It’s better safe than sorry.

Mac Keylogger with the capability of recording Mac activities and IP address is the most effective tool to assist you to locate a stolen Mac. Apply Mac Keylogger to record and track the location of your lost but monitored Mac. Collect and report this information to the police and then you can probably get your lost Macbook back. Click on the button below to sign up for a trial version of Amac Keylogger and enjoy the features now.

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