How To Block Websites In FireFox

FireFox is an excellent, fast, secure, customizable web browser product of Mozilla, the amazing browser incorporating freely available add-ons according to your needs. For the powerful features, FireFox becomes so popular that over 47% of the users use it to browse the web. When it comes to blocking some certain websites in FireFox, especially porn websites, users are finding a way out. Here are two practical and effective methods on blocking websites in FireFox. Use FireFox Add-ons There are abundant add-ons can do you a favor on blocking websites. Such as BlockSite, Fox Filter, ProCon Latte etc.
  1. *Search and Download the blocking website add-on:
  2. *Load the add-on to FireFox and then install it; restart Firefox when prompted.
  3. *Go to add-on preferences; make your own blocking settings.
NOTE: To import a previously prepared or exported list of blocked websites, click the “Import” button in the preferences window, browse the file you would like to import and click “OK”. Use a third-party web filter
  1. *Download Aobo porn filter
  2. *Install the software to the computer
  3. *Set up the Filtering. A pornography-related keywords list has been already included in Aobo porn filter and you can quickly and easily block porn content by its built-in blocking engine. Aobo porn filter also helps block content according to user’s definition or criteria. Add the keywords or URLs you disallow to the blacklist and safe URLs to the whitelist. Save and then the websites containing the keywords or URLs in blacklist will be blocked.
The two above are effective ways of blocking websites in FireFox, however, applying a professional web filter is much easier when you have many websites to block. Further more, the features of blocking application, password protected, stealthy blocking mode will bring you a much more comprehensive and reliable website blocking experience.

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