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Aobo Filter for Mac v2.1 Released

Aobo Filter for Mac v2.1, an update of the Internet Filter for Mac, was released on August 09, 2013. This new version is aimed to offer Mac OS X users a more stable web filtering experience. What’s new in Aobo Filter for Mac v2.1? 1. Improved Filter Engine to fix crash issue 2. Added webpage […] Tags: , , , ,

Get Clean Internet with Content Filter Software for Mac

Nowadays many porn websites occurs on the Internet, so you should use the content filter to help your own clean the Internet. A Content Filter Software for Mac from Aobo, specially designed for all Mac users, must be your best choice to filter the Internet contents that you don’t want to look at. Now let’s […] Tags: , , , , , ,

Block Distracting Websites on Mac

If you’re easily distracted while working before your Mac, you can force a little more concentration on your tasks with Aobo Filter for Mac that minimizes distractions and offers feedback on your productivity. One of disturbing problems existing in those who work on Mac is how easily it is to get distracted. Too much information […] Tags: , ,

Block Websites Temporarily

Web sites like Facebook, Youtube are such effective time-wasters because they relax the “executive brain” – the center responsible for focused decision making, and leave you at the mercy of your impulses and compulsions. Many of us spend a lot of our time with the “executive brain” switched off. Some tools like Aobo Internet Filter […] Tags: ,

Block Sites in Chrome Mac

There isn’t a built-in feature to block websites in Google Chrome for Mac. However, there are third party Chrome extensions and professional Filtering software for Mac OS X that can help you do this. Apply Aobo Internet Filter for Mac Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is a web blocker for Mac OS X users. It […] Tags: , , ,

Block Sites in Firefox Mac

Blocking websites is useful in case you want to restrict what your children browse online. Given that there are many people asking about how to block websites in Firefox for Mac in Yahoo, forums, communities etc., the expert of Aobo Internet Filter for Mac will guide you to block websites in Firefox for Mac. Apply […] Tags: , , , ,

Block Web Sites in Safari

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple. It is a default web browser for Mac OS X. Mac users get used to using Safari to browse the Internet. With the increasing number of problems when people surf the Internet, people focus more on the online security. The main concern nowadays is how to block […] Tags: , , ,