Monitor Work Email Usage with Hidden Keylogger for Mac

improve insider threat prevention

A hidden keylogger for Mac can monitor work Email usage from all aspects. Email remains rather popular in the workplace although various social media apps spring out nowadays. To detect potential insider threats and employees who are wasting working hours and resources doing non-work related activities, a hidden keylogger for Mac is meaningful and necessary.

The Reasons for Using a Hidden Keylogger for Mac

As for many multinational corporations and the companies that do international business, emails play an essential role in connecting with others. Because the email can deliver the message to the targeted email box without any limitation by the time difference, many companies still prefer to distribute an email address to every employee. However, email is not only an effective tool to communicate with customers but also a useful carrier to transfer the confidential files from the company. In fact, the hidden keylogger for Mac gives you the opportunity to supervise your employees’ email usage silently.

The Outstanding Features of a Hidden Keylogger for Mac

You will enjoy quite many terrific features if you use a hidden keylogger for Mac to keep tabs on employees’ Email content.

Work in an Invisible and Undetectable Mode

The first thing you should notice is that the hidden keylogger for Mac operates in an invisible and undetectable way. Compared with the Mac keylogger sold in the market, it can work automatically and synchronously as long as the Mac starts to work, that is to say, you needn’t do anything after the installation of the invisible keylogger for Mac, which gives you as much convenience as possible.

Under this circumstance, your monitoring behavior is less likely to be discovered by the employees, after all, you don’t want to give your employees the impression that you don’t trust them, which can affect the stability and unity of your team finally.

Monitor Email Content in Detail

Except for keeping track of the typed content of the email, the hidden keylogger for Mac records the detailed information, such as the particular time and date, which helps you grasp every email your employees sent completely. Once you have mastered your employees’ Email usage, you can get a lot of information from the invisible Mac keylogger.

On one hand, you can know the whole process on how your employees connect with the customers and find if there is anything they should improve. On the other hand, you can take some quick measurements provided that your employees intend to leak the private folders to the other companies.

Multiple User Monitoring

More importantly, the hidden Mac keylogger supports multiple-user monitoring, which allows you to monitor all your employees Mac activities at the same time. Meanwhile, the operation is quite simple that you can make full use of it quickly. With a simple click of the button, it can work with all the user accounts directly, then, you can get the information you want without checking the results in person.

In most cases, Easemon for Mac OS X is often the most recommended hidden keylogger for Mac when employee monitoring is needed. It works in stealth mode and delivers the logged data for the distant view.

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