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If you’re looking for a freeware keylogger, you may have to give up some of those extra features. Most of the time, freeware keylogger means it’s easily caught by antivirus. However, there are a lot of good freeware keyloggers, such as Easemon Keylogger, out there that do a perfect job of recording keystrokes, desktop capturing, reports delivering and remaining hidden in the background. The freeware keylogger also offers password protection and encrypted log files. If you can enjoy a free trial instead of paying bucks for it, there’s no reason that you couldn’t get by download freeware keylogger.

Why You Need a Freeware Keylogger

Know What’s Happening on Your Own Computer

Freeware keylogger for Windows PC is a helpful tool that assists you to take full control of your computer. If you are absent for a time, freeware keylogger will record what happened on your computer. Being protected by passwords, Freeware keylogger can be used in the hidden mode so it is invisible on the operating system and nobody can view the files gathered except you. Freeware keylogger is a perfect appliance for home computer monitoring and spying on kids online.

Protect Kids Away from Online Dangers

The Internet is full of various dangers for kids who are not old enough to protect themselves well. Children may access online predators, cyberbullying, violent games, porn when they are using the computer to surf the Internet. Online predators may attempt to chat with your kids and lure them into offline meetings. Porn content may harm children’s mental and physical health. It’s necessary for parents to keep an eye on children’s computer activities and take actions to protect kids from possible dangers, such as online grooming. A good freeware keylogger such as Easemon Keylogger for Windows PC helps parents realize this goal easily.

Increase Employee Productivity

A good freeware keylogger Windows can be used for employee monitoring. Some lazy employees may use the company-offered computers for personal activities, such as watching videos, shopping online, surfing social networking sites. These irresponsible activities influence employees’ productivity and waste the company’s resources. In this case, employers can use a good freeware keylogger to monitor employees’ activities on the computer and correct employees’ inappropriate behavior in time. It will efficiently improve employees’ productivity.  

Functions of A Freeware Keylogger

Actually, freeware keylogger Windows helps a lot of parents monitor their kids who might have an inappropriate activity and prevent them from making mistakes. Freeware keylogger can also allow you to find out what is done on your computer when you are not around. Freeware keylogger can invisibly logs every keystroke typed in emails, chats, websites, and password.

  • Desktop Screenshots
  • Email Recording
  • Chat Logging
  • Websites Visited
  • Application Usage
  • Keystroke Logging
  • 1Alert and Notification
  • Work in Invisible Mode
  • Remote Control

Aside from the fact that freeware keylogger creates logs on everything typed on the keyboard, it can also work in an invisible mode. All of the information is gathered in a concise and easy to read way. Freeware keylogger download saves your time and hassle recovered from accidental data loss or damaged. You can even recover the keystrokes you typed days or weeks ago. So you can ease your mind in case you have forgotten the passwords as freeware keylogger will remember them in a log. 

Keylogger freeware which still works fine can sometimes be difficult to find online. Here, Micro keylogger freeware provides you with a free solution. Download freeware keylogger and try it now!

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