Free Invisible Keylogger – Why You Should REALLY Be Afraid

Today, you are being threatened by more enemies than at any time in man’s history. If you’re thinking about adding a couple more bolts to your front door or adding bars on your window, don’t bother, those aren’t the kind of threats that we are talking about. The point of entry of your enemies is that piece of electronic hardware that is sitting on your desk: your computer or laptop. Thieves have become more sophisticated (you can call them lazy – but be warned a lot of hard work goes into successfully robbing you) and they have opted to go for much more sophisticated ways of cheating you out of your life’s savings. One such way is by making use of a free invisible keylogger.

Yes, believe it or not, hackers (at least the successful ones, and until they are caught) steal millions, if not billions, of dollars worth of currency or information every year. If you have been keeping an eye on the news then you have probably heard of the capture of a hacker who managed to make off with millions while sitting in the basement of his parent’s home or the one that had been a part of gang of international hackers who managed to dig out information from computers in almost every country of the western world.

A free invisible keylogger is a program that records every keystroke that you make on your keyboard without you being any wiser. It then passes all the information to the person that has installed it on your computer or laptop. With that information in his hands he can easily replicate them and do exactly what you have been doing.

Still not worried? Well, let’s look at a couple of scenarios:

  • What if the free invisible keylogger recorded the password to your email account(s)? The hacker can use it to see all your correspondences. He will be able to send messages on your behalf. Now, what if these messages were to be malicious ones sent to your kids or other family members? What if it were to your boss? What if it was a criminal message (e.g. with racist or hateful comments)? You could be in hot water, and you would be really lucky if you could explain your way out of it without any damage to your name or image.

    Also, don’t forget that most websites use your email address for verification purposes. The hacker could pretend that you had forgotten your password to your, say, Facebook page and request to have it reset. The information would be sent to your email account and he would be privy to it. He can instantly change your Facebook password and then change you email password – basically locking you out. There are cautions that these sites take to make sure that the right person is accessing his own page, but the process might take a while and, by then, it might be too late.
  • What if the free secret keylogger program were to record your credit card number, PIN and full name? Depending on the card’s daily limits and how often you check your expenses, he can go on a shopping spree. By the time you have found out and taken the necessary steps to have your credit card blocked, he could have cost you a fortune.

    Now, imagine that he had used your credit card to have himself verified? "You" would be a member of some website that you had no intention of ever joining. In case of criminal activity, you will have to explain how your information was used without your knowing it.

Moral of the Story: The next time you hear talk about free secret keylogger programs, make sure you listen carefully and learn something valuable – who knows, you could become a victim too. But, more importantly, always make sure you have all the protection necessary on your computer and/or laptop.

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