How to Find the Passwords from Aobo Mac Keylogger Logs

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You may be confused about how to find out the recorded passwords in Aobo Mac Keylogger Pro edition keystroke logs. Now you are provided with the following tips and guides about how to use Aobo Mac Keylogger.

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Guides and Tips of Discovering Passwords in Aobo Mac Keylogger

  • Find the passwords according to the type of the target account. For example, you want to discover the password of an email account. Find the email account number by searching @, the string after the account is probably the password.
  • If web browser saved the account username before, the Aobo keylogger will only log the passwords typed in. And when the browser automatically fills both of the account username and password, the keylogger can’t catch either of them.
  • If you want accurate passwords, please wait for some more time for the user to put in his/her password for times. Then compare the suspected keystrokes and identify the same strings, those are probably the passwords.
  • When you figure out where is the password but still, fail to get the right one, you may need to use command lines to work out whether Shift/Delete/Alt keystrokes are used. Since some keystrokes share one key (such as ! and 1), the password-finding thing will become a little bit complicated. Please Contact us for more command line help.
  • If you use an Azerty Keyboard (Keyboard for French, Spanish, etc.), please contact us for keyboard layout information for keystroke interpreting.

Note: The keystroke logs will not show up as soon as you type keystrokes. It will take some time to generate the logs after you type more than 100 keystrokes.

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