Know More about Your Employees with Employee Spy Software

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Employee spy software refers to the monitoring software for the employee that is well designed to help companies monitor and track what their employees often do with their computers every working day.

Quite often, this kind of employee monitoring software is often well used in small business to monitor all behaviors that all workers do on their computers during working time. Employee spy software is an excellent and useful helper for managers to find which worker is more careful and responsible for his job or why the work efficiency dropped so much recently or something else.

Indeed, there are a variety of legal reasons why you need and should use the employee spy software to monitor your employees’ Internet usage at work.

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Protect Confidential Informations

First and most important, you don’t want them to send confidential files or other confidential information to the people who are not supposed to know that information. As an administrator of the company, you have the responsibility of bringing your company as much benefit as you can, so it is extremely important for you to use the monitoring software for employee to monitor your employees on their computers.

Monitor Employees’ Internet Activities

Besides, you also don’t want them to misuse the Internet with their computers at work. But it is reported that most employees love to do many things such as browsing eBay, Facebook, or playing games which are not work related. "I don’t mind allowing my employees to browse eBay or Facebook from time to time at work, just not all the time…" A famous CEO once said. Thanks to the employee monitoring software, all Internet usages of your employees will be under your control.

Of course, there are many other reasons which can be provided for you to use the employee monitoring software, for example, they may download some files with viruses or they may watch videos on their computers and so on.

Easemon for Mac Is the Best Choice to Monitor Employees

Easemon for Mac is the most professional employee monitoring software that is well designed for Mac users to monitor all things happening on their Macs. It allows people to record all keystrokes and passwords that are typed on the keyboard, websites visited, all chat messages logged, screenshots captured and more. All logs will show you clearly what your employees are doing with their computers in real time, so you can know more about your employees. Want to get all activities of your employees under your control? Check out Easemon for Mac right now!

Another choice for small business is Aobo Keylogger for Mac, which doesn’t offer cloud data management but you can still view the logs sent to private online space like email box or FTP server.

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