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Have you ever thought of safeguarding your confidential files with some efficient employee monitoring programs? Confidential files, as you know, are quite essential to the company. They play an important role in the company’s developments. Once the confidential files of the company are revealed, it can cause huge losses to the company or even cause the bankruptcy of the company. Then how can you avoid the terrible situation? One of the most effective ways is to apply an employee monitoring program.

Why Use Employee Monitoring Program for Protecting Confidential Files?

Employee monitoring software can help you monitor your employees in real time. As the survey shows, most of the company’s confidential files are revealed when the employees are chatting with others unintentionally. But those who have an ax to grind will try to make benefits for themselves or for their company. After that, the losses of the company happened. Also, the confidential files can be revealed or sold by the employees themselves as well. Some employees can’t resist the huge temptation that the confidential files can give, so they make a deal with others on their own initiative. If you have an employee monitoring program, then the rate of the situation can be reduced sharply.

On the one hand, with an employee monitoring spy, you are able to know what your employees are doing during their working time with computer monitoring feature. With keystroke logging and IM chatting logging features, it keeps track of employee email contents and the chat messages on the Internet, the persons who they chat with or even the passwords they type. In this way, you will know whether your employees are talking about something related to the secret files.

On the other hand, the employee monitoring software, which featured network monitoring, assists you to know what application they use to visit websites, when they search on the Internet, so that you can check employee activities to avoid documents revealing. Through a good employee monitoring program, you can see the names of the applications they used, the applications they downloaded from the Internet, the applications they installed on their computers. From that, you need to judge the usage of the applications. What’s more, the remote desktop spy can help you take screen shots of the active window and take snapshots even the files are downloaded or the documents are opened so that the risk of revealing can be largely decreased.

EaseMon Employee Monitoring Program

A good and well known employee monitoring program for Mac computers is EaseMon. EaseMon is especially designed for monitoring employee activities and protecting business confidential information. The key features of EaseMon are listed below.

  • Monitor employee activity on the Mac computers
  • Send email alert when inappropriate activities detected
  • Export activity logs to PDF as hard evidence
  • Improve efficiency with application usage report
  • Run in Stealth

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