Block Various Contents on Mac with Filter Mac

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Aobo Filter for Mac OS X blocks unwanted websites, applications and games and protects your Mac from unfriendly, harmful and unwanted content online.

Are you ever annoyed by an unwanted website that suddenly appears on your Mac when you are immersing in your studies on Internet? Are you ever embarrassed by rubbish ads such as a pornographic website when you are making an important speech with your Mac in public? It’s really sad that we are always having such annoying experiences. We are all disgusting with it and expecting to eradicate such unwanted websites and applications.

Now with Aobo Filter for Mac, developed by Aobo Software that is specially designed for Mac OS X users, you can easily block what you want to on your Mac, including webpages, websites and applications.

Block websites by category
By modifying the keywords in Black list of Aobo Filter for Mac, you are able to block access to dangerous and inappropriate websites by categories, for example, porn websites. Add the keywords related to porn and this kind of websites will be blocked. You can also allow only specific websites in White list.

Block a single webpage
The Black list of Aobo Filter for Mac also allows user to specify a single webpage, such as Facebook profile of somebody, to block. By adding the full URL address of the unwanted webpage, you can filter the one listed in Black list as well as keep the other webpages in the website available.

Block an application
If you want to completely block some applications, like games and torrent downloaders, Aobo Filter for Mac is ready to help you. Aobo Internet Filter for Mac will block games or applications from running after you add the main program of certain applications to the App Filter list.

Aobo Filter for Mac provides wide-ranging blocking features for Mac OS X users. Installing Aobo Filter for Mac, you can protect your Mac from unfriendly, harmful and unwanted content online.

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