3 Major Types of Employee Monitoring Software in the Workplace

An increasing number of employers nowadays are implementing effective employee monitoring systems in the workplace so as to maintain the highest level of employee productivity. But if you are not careful about choosing the best type of employee surveillance system in the workplace, then you will have to spend more money than you have intended. So, to help you choose the most sufficient surveillance system at your workplace, here are reviews of three types of the most popular employee monitoring software on the market.

Video Based Surveillance

This is the most common surveillance system that is highly used all over the world. This kind of staff monitoring system in the workplace is highly recommended for workplaces where employees frequently move and stroll from one place to the other. This type of surveillance system helps the employee to detect any kind of slashing and water cooler gossips within the office parameter.

The major benefits of using such type of surveillance system in your office include:

  • Protecting unauthorized entry to your office premises
  • Prevent office employees from killing valuable office time through slacking and gossiping
  • Prevent employees from using authorized office real estate
  • Stopping employees from doing unethical activity within the office
  • Stopping petty theft

Major cons about using this type of worker surveillance system in the office are:

  • Decreased employee loyalty
  • High installation expense
  • High operating cost
  • Risk of facing unwanted employee privacy Violation lawsuit

Telephone Surveillance

If you are running a call center or need to ensure the highest level of surveillance on telephone conversations between employees and outsiders, then this type of surveillance option is for you. By implementing this type of employee monitoring systems in the workplace, you will be able to get a detailed data report on the telephone conversation that takes place between your employees and the clients/customers from the outside. Most trading houses where there is a dedicated telemarketing department also use this system these days to ensure quality and to make sure that the right marketing protocols are followed.

Major pros of this type of employee monitoring system are:

  • Mostly works in stealth mode
  • Generates detailed call log and conversation recordings for each phone
  • Generates detailed report consisting of number of calls, caller ids and number of operations executed
  • Some of the highest quality telephone surveillance system also enables the employer to listen to any on-going calls right on the spot
  • Has zero downtime and in stallion cost is relatively low

The major setback about this surveillance system is that you will not get visual information about the current state of your employees. So, the only case where this type of surveillance system is advised is for the companies that runs their day to day operation mostly on call.

Computer Activity Monitoring

With the emergence of social media platforms and online interaction websites, people are exchanging more data through their Mac than ever before. To leak vital company information or to slack office time, one does not need to go out of his cubicle at all. Employees have become so smart nowadays that you cannot ensure the perfect work ethics on your company without implementing a state-of-the-art computer activity monitoring system in your office.

The Most Effective Type of Employee Monitoring Software

Among all the other generalized types of employee monitoring system in the workplace, EaseMon, the easiest way to monitor your employees Mac activity, has become the most effective and popular one. Here are some of the major features of using EaseMon to perfectly monitor your employee’s office Mac activity.

  • Runs on stealth mode so your employees will never know that they are being tracked
  • Sends regular reports to the employers that consist of all the vital information about an employee’s Mac activity
  • Reports include the number of mouse clicks, keystrokes and use of specialized keys like backspace and enter as well, so that you can get the full picture of an employee’s current work productivity
  • Records log of emails, IM chat messages and saves them on a in-editable PDF format
  • Constantly runs on a mac without having any effect on the on the usual Mac operation
  • Has multiple admin function to let multiple managers to have an overview of current employee productivity
  • Report accessible from both work and home Mac

To order a full version of this perfect type of employee monitoring software in the office space, visit the official order page of Easemon of EaseMon.

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