Why Have Website Parental Control for Windows

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Website parental control for Windows should be your step towards being a responsible and smart parent. Adolescence is a crucial phase in the life of every individual. The importance is this phase that is marked by the fact that children tend to choose wrong paths if they are not monitored strictly. Parents often spend long hours with their children trying to explain to them about avoiding violent internet gaming and adult sites but somehow, it doesn’t affect them and they do what they have to do. Being a smart parent, you should be sure that no unapproved activity is going on your child’s computer and this is why having parental control software for Windows is a must!

Which Application for Parental Control for Windows Is the Best?

Though you may find hundreds of vendors offering a similar kind of product, Aobo Filter for PC is the best parental control application for Windows. The filter structure of this application is seamless and is based on a number of parameters like keywords, URLs and similar keyword phrases. All that parents have to do while using this software for parental control for Windows is enter a few words or links and they can rest assured of intense filtering of web content before it reaches the end user which is generally a family member that they are trying to track.

Features of Easemon – Seamless Parental Control for Windows

Some of the distinguished features of Aobo Filter for PC which make it the best parental control application for Windows are:

It cannot be detected and runs silently in the background to perform the crucial blocking task that it has been programmed to perform.

With parental control for Windows, you can enter certain URLs or related keywords to limit the search query from producing unwanted or restricted results whenever a query is initiated.

The benefit of tracking all the Web Browser and even the Private Browsing events helps catch the faulty activities of even the smart kids.

Any desired games or unhealthy applications can be blocked and display an error which thereby prevents disclosure of the fact that a monitoring system has been installed.

A simple web interface is used to get access to the log data recorded by this parental control for Windows. This interface is well-protected for allowing only authorized access.

Various devices can be set up with parental control for Windows.

Knowing History Is Now Easy!

Parental control for Windows not only includes blocking of unwanted content, but also provides detailed information containing when and who (PC & Network address) has tried to visit a site the URL of which was blocked.

Parental Control for Windows – Big Advantage for Working Parents!

Parental control programs for Windows are a great advantage to working parents as they can remotely login to their account from anywhere and ensure that their children are not following the wrong track even if elders are not at home to monitor their activities in person. This software not only offers a security check but also great relief to parents as they can plan effective steps if they find anything wrong and can work things out in a well-planned manner.

Wish to know where to get this software for parental control for Windows ? You can register a trial version of Easemon and experience the features by clicking the button below. 

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