What is the Best Internet Filter?

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If you are wondering what is the best internet filter for your computer, you have started out on the right track. However, the right answer to this question can be quite tricky when you start looking for the best internet filter on the internet. Every filtering software will claim to be the best and making a realistic judgment is not always an easy thing. While you need to make sure you find all the specific features for your needs, it is always better to find software that covers everything you can think of. This may not be an easy thing but it will surely be totally worth it.

Porn Filter Function in Best Internet Filter

When you need to start somewhere to look for the best internet filter, make sure you look for the following features to make sure you have made the right choice. To begin with, any filter you chose must have a porn filter function.

Whether you are going to use the best internet filter for your kids or even employees, pornography can be instantly struck off the list. There is nothing good that will come out of it whether considering its effects on kids or employees. Similarly, the software must also be able to block violent material that can be disturbing for people of all ages. In fact, if you can find a filter that blocks websites on the basis of keywords, things will be much easier for you. This way you do not need to enter the URL of every website you want to block. Instead, just specify the keyword and all websites in the category will be blocked.

Record Passwords

Secondly, the features of the best internet filter software should only be available to individuals with the correct passwords. Though many internet content filtering software is quite efficient in blocking various websites, they may be easy to find out and breach. This defeats the entire purpose of having an internet filter. So make sure you find an internet filter that can only be accessed by using the correct password. The filtering software should be impervious to web proxy invasions so there is no way to bypass the filters.

What’s the Best Internet Filtering Software?

Again, when looking for the best internet filtering software, the answer to the question “what is the best internet filter?” often lays emphasis on the importance of the software’s ability to block games and other programs on the computer as well. Let us face it; the internet is not the only possible distraction for kids or even employees. A lot of time can still be wasted playing games or using applications on the system without even connecting to the internet. Then again, the amount of sexual content and violence in games has skyrocketed in the past few years making application and game blocking that much more logical.

While you may not be able to block every website that is objectionable, you may also want to monitor internet usage. The best internet filter software should be capable of making lots of websites visited and once added to a blacklist, they should be blocked in the future.

Not many names in the market come close to offering these facilities in a single package. However, Aobo Porn Filter comes with all these issues. There are also many other useful features to look forward to. The porn filter is really easy to use and its applications extend well beyond mere blocking pornographic or violent material.

Prevent Cyberbullying with Best Interne Filter

Cyberbullying happens pervasively among teens, but it is hard for many parents to be aware of it. So how to stop cyber-bullying is a headache for parents. Nowadays, Internet filter will facilitate parents to handle cyber-bullying and provide their kids with a safe online environment.

It is not easy to be aware of cyber-bullying because cyberbullies use various ways, such as Facebook, My Space, chat rooms, emails, and websites, to torment the victims. What’s more, many children who are the victims of cyber-bullying feel ashamed or afraid to tell their parents about the bullying. This unlucky fact made it more difficult for parents to realize cyberbullying and end cyberbullying without Internet filter.

However, it is lucky that parents can depend on advanced technology like Internet filter to assist them to be conscious of cyberbullying. Even if some teens don’t want their parents to know about the bullying for the fear that their parents will take away their computers or restrict their Internet access. Internet blocker which records websites browsed from IE, Google Chrome and Firefox enables parents to know what their children did online and whether their kids were bullied.

More importantly, Internet filter provides solutions to prevent cyber-bullying. With advanced filter function, Internet filter blocks unwanted adult dating sites, violent games, and certain applications. And thus, parents can apply web filter to block Facebook, MSN, emails and other sites which are the places that cyberbullying occurs if it is necessary. Furthermore, parents can use the logs as evidence and contact the school authority and parents of the bully or even report to the police. Applying Internet blocker is the quickest way to stop cyberbullying.

Undoubtedly, Easemon, the best Internet filter which runs stably and definitely is a necessary parental control program for parents. After installation of the Internet filter, parents can discover porn and cyberbullying timely and take useful measures to stop porn and cyberbullying as soon as possible. Besides applying the Internet filter, parents also need to teach their kids how to deal with online dangers. And so, parents can end porn, cyberbullying and other dangers effectively and efficiently.

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