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Website Blocking Software

Website Blocking Software is often specially used to block unwanted websites from being visited on the Internet. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet, surfing the Internet has become the most common activity in people’s spare time. But there is so much harmful information available on the Internet, the web blocking software is necessarily needed by people to block any unwanted web sites on your computer. There are some ways how the website blocking software helps you block unwanted web sites on the Internet below:

How Website Blocking Software Is Helpful?

Block Porn Web Sites Automatically

The website blocking software works in a completely invisible mode on the computer to block porn web sites from being visited on the Internet automatically. Aobo Porn Filter is the best website filtering software which uses unique content filtering algorithm that can help you block pornographic web sites automatically. Porn web sites do great harm to people’s both physical and mental health, your kids even have become addicted to these bad information. For a better and healthier Internet environment, installing the website blocking software must be your best choice.

Block Certain Web Sites by URLs

If you want to block some certain web sites, the website blocking software also can meet your needs. You just need to add the URL of the website which you don’t want to visit on the Internet to the blacklist of the Internet blocking software you installed on your computer, it will help you block this web page quickly and secretly. For example, if you want to block all Facebook web sites, you just need to add “” to the blacklist of the software, it will block all Facebook web pages quickly. But if you just want to block a certain Facebook web page, you just need to add the certain URL to the blacklist, it will only block the certain web page on the Internet.

Block Unwanted Web Sites by Keywords

Last but not least, the most powerful blocking feature is to block any unwanted web sites by keywords. The website blocking software allows all users to block any unwanted web sites by adding keywords to the blacklist of the software. For example, if you don’t want your children to visit the videos on Youtube, you can add the keyword “youtube” into the blacklist of the software, it will help you block all web sites which contain the word “youtube” efficiently, which is very easy to operate on your computer.

The Benefits of Using Website Blocking Software

Have you ever gone through the painful experience of looking into websites that are purely unnecessary, when searching for some information? Many search engines give out results that are malware in nature and need to be blocked out. The information given by these websites is absolutely not needed and you have no clue how to avoid them.

Sometimes, when children are searching for information, a lot of search engines give out details that should not be viewed by kids. This becomes a hindrance as the parents may not be able to sit and look through everything that the child is surfing. This is the reason why many people have chosen to install website block software. This software comes with a variety of features, which prove to be useful when you wish to block the websites that are not needed by you.

With this website blocking software, you can filter out the websites based on its URL. All you need to know is what factors you shall consider when purchasing website blocking software< for the website. You can block all the violent or pornographic websites that open up while you are searching for something else. These websites can be filtered out perfectly as and when you configure the URL. All you need is a Mac OS X computer. The best part of this website blocking software is that after the initial installation, and finally entering the restrictions, you are absolutely free to carry on.

The sites would be automatically blocked and, you won’t ever feel the need to restrict any site again. Once, you have set the properties to block out porn or other related sites, they won’t surface up when your child is surfing the internet, thus making it easier for you to deal with. You can also have a child lock system by using the website blocking software to block certain games that you feel hinder your child’s study time.

So, with the right application names being stated in the filter portion, you can filter out the time-consuming games too. You don’t need to make your search public. With this software handy, you can even make your searches private and confidential. Thus, it won’t be tracked by anyone. Of course, you can even filter out unnecessary information that is a waste of your time. With the website blocking software, you also mitigate the virus attack that would otherwise be a threat to your Mac.

Choose the version of your computer and, the kind of website blocking software you are looking out for. Once you are done with that, you need to choose the OS that you wish to make this software compatible with. Remember OS is very important to a website blocking software as this software is compatible with certain OS only.

This software can be purchased for a bare minimum price and, so you should consider buying it if you wish to protect your Mac. In the end, remember that it is all about protecting your family from undesired and lewd information and protecting your Mac from the virus. Therefore, do insist on the Mac supplier to install this software on your Mac.

In the end, if your Mac does not have any filtering mechanism to filter out these malware and porn websites, you would end up facing trouble with your Mac or fall prey to answer your kid’s awkward questions. Do keep an eye out for pop up blockers. Apart from that block out all sites that you feel spread malware. Try website blocking software now to block inappropriate websites and protect your children’s online safety.

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