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How and Why of Temporary Website Blocker

Internet today is full of undesirable porn content. As children of today have easy access to Mac, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that they do not have access to compromising content. Many filters are available today that allow for temporary or permanent blocking of websites. Some internet users prefer using the temporary […] Tags: , , ,

Website Blocker Freeware – Choosing Your Family Friend in Need

There are many reasons why anyone would go online to look for website blocker freeware. We all have experienced the annoyances of having to close those ads that pop up whenever we visit a site. We have all clicked on a link and found ourselves embarrassed by the contents of a website we never intended […] Tags: , , , ,

Keep Your Family Safe with Website Block Software

Suppose your children usually surf the Internet till midnight, imagine they are keeping in close contact with their so called "online friends". What you can do to rest assured that your kids are safe with the Internet? On this occasion, you may bring parental control software to mind and feel unsure about what kind of […] Tags: , , , , ,

Website Blocker – Powerful Internet Parental Control

In everyday life, the Internet becomes more and more pervasive. As your families are increasingly associated with online activities, website blocker is now playing an important role in creating a safe network environment for your loved ones. It is not only because the web blocking program can work as Internet recorder, but also because it […] Tags: , , , ,

Why Use Blocking Software for Mac OS X

Nowadays, the Internet is more and more popular in our daily life, however, it also exists more potential dangers around our life. Every day we will browse many websites on Mac, but is all the information useful or healthy for you? Most people will say "No". There are some many different kinds of websites on […] Tags: , , , , ,

The only Porn Filter that can disable web proxy

Aobo Porn Blocker 2.0 Released Oct 20, 2008 – Aobo Software, the global award-winning provider of spy and access control software , announced the release of Aobo Porn Blocker 2.0, an internet filter for parents and individuals. Block Porn Websites and Keep your computer clean and safe. What can you do with Aobo Porn Blocker? […] Tags: ,