Tips about How to Select a Right Keylogger Version - Technology

Many clients purchase too quickly without taking well consideration about selecting which keylogger edition. As a result, they have to upgrade purchase or switch to a different edition. To make sure every user understand which edition to use, Aobo will give some basic instructions about how to select a suitable edition between Standard and Professional […]

Which Keylogger Version Should I Choose for My Mac - Technology

Our support comes to a circumstance that some clients make an incorrect purchase while choosing the type of Aobo Mac Keylogger. If the customer does not browse the product page carefully or takes full consideration to select the most suitable keylogger edition for themselves, they have to re-purchase the keylogger to ask for an edition […]

Install Aobo Mac Keylogger to a Full-Privilege Folder - Technology

If you install Aobo Mac Keylogger to a random folder instead of the folder we suggest in “ReadMe”, it will possibly encounter log and email problem because of your access privileges to the folder. For example, when you click “View the Logs” in General tab, nothing shows up. Lack of permissions will also lead to […]

Install Mac Keylogger To A Right Folder - Technology

After installing the mac keylogger to your computer, have you ever encountered this problem: you can’t find its logs? There must be something wrong with your folder. Install keylogger for mac to a right folder to avoid privilege problem. Pay attention: This tip is only for Aobo Mac Keylogger v3.3 or older, which needs to […]

Why There Is No Log Email From Aobo Mac Keylogger - Technology

Some Aobo Mac Keylogger users may run into the problem of not getting any emails. They will ask “why it happened” directly without giving any more details. Actually, the condition on your target Mac is complicated so that the keylogger’s performance varies. To help users solve the email problem easily and quickly, we provide the […]

Why Can’t I Receive Emails From Aobo Mac Keylogger - Technology

To those Aobo Mac Spy Software users who are having problems of getting logs from Aobo Mac keylogger, they will have a detailed solution in this guide. Usually, the reasons of the keylogger stopping sending emails are complicated since the condition of the target Mac device is varied. The following guides are provided for you to […]

Tips about Mac Keylogger Software - Technology

Keylogger users may run into kinds of problems when purchase or use keylogger software. Today we will talk about what happened to my customers. Once a new client complained to us that half a year ago he bought a keylogger from one of our competitors but found that it stopped working a few months later. […]

Tips of Purchasing and Using Mac Keylogger - Technology

You may get into many questions when purchasing or using a keylogger on the Internet. Here, we are offering several tips for you. One day, a customer came to our live support and complained to us about a keylogger he bought years ago. He bought the keylogger from another keylogger provider on the web. However, […]

How to Make Aobo Mac Keylogger More Stealthy - Technology

A lot of users ask about how to make Aobo Mac Keylogger Pro stealthier on their Mac. It is actually easy to do that. Follow the steps you will get your keylogger much more invisible and secure. Open “ReadMe” and install subpart of the keylogger Pro version first with the instruction in “ReadMe”. After the […]

How to Make Aobo Mac Keylogger More Stealthy - Technology

Here we are offering you a guide about how to make Aobo Mac Keylogger Pro more invisible on your Mac device. Follow the steps below, your keylogger will become more secret and secure. Open the "ReadMe" file and read it carefully, double click the keylogger executable file, follow the guide to install the keylogger for […]

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