Stop Internet Addiction with Windows 7 Monitoring Software

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Windows 7 monitoring software is the key to cure children’s Internet addiction. Also known as Internet overuse or the pathological use of a computer, Internet addiction has been recognized as a disorder in 2013, making it an issue that requires much attention. If your children are spending too many hours in front of their computers, there’s a good chance that they have developed Internet addiction. If you’re lucky, you’ve probably noticed their disorder in time to reverse it before bringing in the big guns. So, if the case is still relatively new, what you need is Windows 7 monitoring software.

The Best Windows 7 Monitoring Software

Windows spy software is very helpful since it allows a third party to observe the actions of a PC’s user and restrict them. One of the best in today’s software market is Micro PC Keylogger. Combining the functionality of an open-source keylogger with that of a website and app blocker, Micro Keylogger provides you with full control over the addict’s PC. So, you can keep tabs on the websites they visit, the e-mails and chats they send and receive, and the apps they use. This Windows 7 monitoring software also comes with a screenshot capturing feature so that you can also see whatever is being streamed, viewed or played on that PC.

How Does Micro Keylogger Help?

So, how does Micro Keylogger help? For starters, this open-source keylogger can help you identify which websites the addict tends to visit the most. Using the URL log feature which records websites visited on Safari, Firefox, and Google, you can find out the main cause behind your children’s addiction. For many, it can be social media networks like Facebook. Not only does this platform provide users with the facility to post on each other’s walls, but it comes packed with games, apps and much more. By blocking this website, you will be able to take away the addict’s drug of choice. You can also use Micro Keylogger and Windows spy software to ensure that the addict isn’t addicted to pornography sites using the screenshot capture feature. That way you can easily prevent bigger issues before they occur.

Another way this Windows spy software can help is by blocking chat apps. Many Internet addicts spend hours using Skype or Yahoo Messenger just to connect to their friends and strangers they meet online. Aside from gluing the chatter to their PCs, chat apps can be used by rapists, molesters, and other dangerous people to attract people virtually and then plan meetings in the physical world. Therefore, if you want to avoid both dangers, you will need a reliable open source keylogger that can record what is being typed and received. Micro Keylogger and Windows 7 Monitoring software also enable you to block such harmful apps so that your kids don’t end up using them.

Speaking of apps, one type of apps that is definitely addictive and needs to be neutralized by Windows 7 monitoring software is game apps. You yourself may have spent hours playing Farmville when it first came out half a decade ago. However, while you may have shaken off the need to plow and plant seeds, someone else in your family may be busy with games like Candy Crush, Plants vs. Zombies, or massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. A little bit of these once in a while is good, but investing your waking hours, energy and emotions on these is a sign of deeper issues and stronger addiction. Therefore, you will need to consider installing Windows spy software in such a case.

So, help an Internet addict fight back and give them a chance at life again with Micro Keylogger, which is the best Windows 7 monitoring software. Though this can be considered a form of tough love, this open-source keylogger is your best hope against a major issue.

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