Limit Web Usage with Software for Parental Controls

The appearance of the Internet has changed the human life style with an alarming rate, has improved people’s working efficiency and life quality as well. Especially the young people increasingly depend on the Internet, so the Internet has a great influence on them. In recent years, more parents find that their kids become addicted to the Internet and they often spend too much time online. In this context, the software for parental controls is able to help parents both keep tabs on what kids often do on the Internet and keep all their online activities under control.

The software for parental controls mainly refers to the software that can be used to help parents monitor and control kids’ online activity efficiently. Nowadays kids are obsessed about the Internet, since they are allowed to do a lot of things they want on the Internet, such as watching videos, making friends, online shopping, searching information or whatever. But as we all know that the Internet has both good and bad effects on kids’ physical and mental health. A recent survey shows that 80% of online students are playing games, 15% of them are chatting or making friends online, more than 13% of the boys really like the Internet or are infatuated with the Internet, even has reaching the point where serious impact on learning and living. Therefore, apart from teaching children to use the Internet reasonably, parents also need to install the software for parental controls to keep track of your kids’ online behavior and appropriately limits their web usage.

Internet control software is also called as web control software, which is the most powerful software for parental controls that allows parents to monitor and record all things your children do on the Internet. It usually records all URLs of the visited websites even though the web history is deleted. By this way, parents can get control of all their online activity clearly. Besides, the parental control software also keeps control of all their online behavior and limit their web usage powerfully by keywords and URLs. You are allowed to choose whatever way to block certain websites or all web pages according to your needs.

Aobo Porn Filter is the most professional software for parental controls that works well in helping parents limit kids’ web usage. It is able to record all visited websites in detail and block any websites simply by adding keywords or URLs of the websites to the blacklist of the software. Additionally, it also can block computer games or online games by adding the program name or game page to the blacklist, then it will block it automatically.

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