Remote Spy Mac Tells Bigger Problems Than You Think

Kids Growth Bodyguard (KGB) keylogger for Mac

Remote Spy Mac allows you to know what is happening on the target Mac remotely. According to the investigation statistics in some Asian countries, the main reason why many people like the Internet was to search and download pornography information on the Internet. Obviously you must be suspicious of the result, however, it is true! Besides, many major websites and search engines are to meet the need of Internet users. In fact, there are bigger problems when people surf the Internet than you think. So how can you keep control of all activities done online without any notice? Aobo Remote Spy Mac can help you!

Why Use Remote Spy Mac?

It is very important for today’s people to provide a remote spy on Mac, why? Spy Mac remotely means that you don’t need to get access to the target Mac physically every day when you want to check the logs about what the Mac users do online. What you just need to do is to find a device which is able to be connected to the Internet to log in the preset Email box or FTP space, and then you can get the detailed information quickly. But how to remote spy on Mac remains to be a big problem! Because there is so much Mac spy software on the Internet now, which one is the most secure and most powerful spy software for Mac users?

What Is Remote Spy Mac?

Commonly, remote spy Mac refers to software that you can’t get access to the target computer but still can still spy on the computer usage remotely. There are generally two kinds of Mac spy software on the Internet provides remote spy on Mac:

1. Install the Software to a Word Document

One is to install the software attached to a Word document, it will install itself automatically and invisibly on the Mac if someone clicks the executable file in the Word file.


  • Remote installation reduces the risk of being noticed, which makes the software work more securely on the target Mac.


  • You can’t make sure that the Mac user will click the executable file in the Word file, because they may think it is a virus file.
  • Many users won’t check their email box every now and then, so they may not install the software timely.
  • It can be noticed easily if there are some problems occurring when it installs itself on the Mac.

2. Install the Software Physically to the Mac

The other one is the software can be installed physically for the first time, and then it will work invisibly and start every time when the Mac starts. Additionally, all recorded logs can be sent to your email box or FTP space you set in advance, and the time interval is also able to be set by you.


  • This kind of Mac spy software works more safely and stably because it has been fully installed and configured.
  • It reduces the risks of wrong installation or some accidents when installation.


  • You must have a chance to get access to the target Mac computer.

Actually, we don’t recommend the first way for you to remote spy Mac, because there are too many unknown factors about it like you don’t even know if you get a safe software online, or you don’t know whether the Mac user will click the installation file, etc.

The highlight of the second way to remote spy on Mac is Amac Keylogger, which is unmatched spy software for Mac that offers both powerful monitoring functions and remote checking features. It enables you to know more people do on Mac than you think such as what they search online, what videos, web pages, photos they view, what they chat on Skype, MSN, AIM and much more.

Remote spy Mac helps you seek for truths on Mac of the ones that you care about remotely. Many of us always believe in the things saw with our eyes or the so-called instincts, but too many examples tell us that what we see with our eyes are not the truths in most of the time. Our eyes may deceive us. Aobo Remote Spy Mac helps you find out the secrets that your kids hide on their Mac.

Why Do You Need to Use Aobo Remote Spy Mac?

For example, whenever you catch a glimpse of your kids’ Mac, you happened to see that they are searching on the internet for their study. And then you may subjectively believe that they use the internet for their study. Whereas, whenever you passed by your employees’ Mac and saw the images presented are the contents related to the work, you may think they focus their attention entirely on their duty. However, have you ever imagined what you see is just the illusion instead of the truth? Aobo Remote Spy Mac can help you seek for the truths.

Advantages of Aobo Remote Spy Mac

You will enjoy many benefits if you choose Aobo Remote Spy Mac to keep an eye on your children or employees’ Mac activities.

First of all, the computer monitoring spy can work in a stealth and undetectable mode and hide in the background of the running program so that nobody will find it apart from yourself. Under this circumstance, your kids and your employees can do what they usually do without any hesitation. After all, what you want to see is not the distorted image or the illusion they created. With the stealth operation of the Remote Spy Mac, your kids or your employees are less likely to discover it so that they can present what they usually do on the Mac without any coverage, accordingly, all the logs that Aobo Remote Spy Mac records are the truths to a large extent.

What’s more, you are allowed to read all the websites history with the application of the remote app Mac. According to the logs, you can discover whether the sites your kids visited are all for their study, how many hours they spend in searching for the topic related to their work, meanwhile, you can judge whether your employees use the Mac for their working or just for entertainments. Furthermore, the remote spy Mac gives you the opportunity to find out the truth instead of being cheated by your eyes anymore.

Besides, with the usage of Aobo Remote Spy Software for Mac, you can see the logs through your email address or FTP space remotely. Namely, you can view the results from your email or FTP anywhere anytime whenever the internet is available. More importantly, if you needn’t check the logs from the users’ Mac, the remote keylogger is less likely to be found by others, what presents to you is more likely to be the truths.

If you are the person who not only pursuits the perceptual but also stresses the rational, or if you want to find out the truth not only based on the thing saw your eyes but also the data presented by your monitoring software, Aobo Remote Spy Mac can be your perfect helper.

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