Record Keystrokes on Mac: Watch Out of Facebook Posts

Facebook Keylogger for Mac

The keystroke recorder for Mac is able to help Mac users record keystrokes on Mac so as to allow you to know all things post on Facebook. Facebook has become the most popular social networking site all over the world. More than 1 billion people are using it on the Internet. Many people like to share photos, status on their Facebook space with online friends, which brings a lot of big problems for them as well. For example, it is reported that a mother always likes to post her 8-year-old son’s photos and many other photos on her Facebook, but some child predators misuse the photos off of her son, which gets her freaked out! She deletes all photos off her Facebook. Therefore, no matter you are a parent or child, you should pay more attention to the Facebook posts.

What Keystrokes Can Mac Keystroke Recorder Log for You?

Searches on Facebook

The Mac keystroke recorder enables you to record keystrokes on Mac such as the searches typed on Facebook so that you can figure out what content users often search on Mac. For example, if you know what your child look for on Facebook, you are able to know what she/he is interested in. Once you find they are in a dangerous situation, you can take actions to protect them as soon as possible.

Messages Posts on Facebook

It seems that it is a very common thing to post messages on Facebook, such as “Parents are not at home, yeah, enjoy a happy day!” Some online predators always find this chance to do bad things to you. It is said that some thieves saw the information and they knew your present location, and they might steal things in your house. The Mac keystroke recorder will help you record keystrokes on Mac so that you can know what messages the Mac users often post online.

Photos Post on Facebook

Photo sharing is the most popular thing that people often do on Facebook. You simply put a lot of photos online without a second thought, and your online friends will see all your shared photos. However, this is a very dangerous thing. Especially some parents like to post their cute children’s pictures online and even their names, birth date and more, which make it easy for online predators to cheat and lure your children.

Facebook Accounts

The keystroke recorder for Mac also records Facebook accounts typed by keystrokes on Mac in detail even though the password is hidden. By this way, all information such as all posts, chat messages, Facebook page visits can be easily logged.

It is extremely important for both parents and children to think highly of the dangerous effects of Facebook, Amac Keylogger is best keystroke logger for Mac which can record keystrokes on Mac powerfully.

Recording keystrokes can be very important in some situations. By recording keystrokes, computer users are able to study how users interact and access with systems, monitor the online activities of kids and measure employee productivity on certain clerical tasks. One method of capturing and recording keystrokes is applying keyloggers.

Classification of Keylogger

Keylogger is a tool for hidden keyboard monitoring and keystroke recording. It is able to capture every keystroke from any application running on a computer, including games, instant messengers, web browsers and other programs. To log keystrokes, you can use the following types of keyloggers.

Hardware Keyloggers

Hardware keyloggers work like small devices that are plugged into somewhere between the keyboard and the computer when they are logging keystrokes. It logs all keyboard activity to the hardware keylogger memory and the record keystrokes Mac can be accessed by special ways like typing a secret key. A hardware keylogger does not depend on the computer’s operating system and has no interfere showing on the target machine and hence cannot be detected by any software. However its physical presence and can be easily found by people.

Software Keyloggers

These are the software programs that are designed to work on the target computer’s operating system and logging keystrokes. The keylogger resides underneath the operating system, which remains untouched. All recorded keystrokes will be saved into the secret log files that can be accessed via the Internet or from the application interface. You are the only one who can do it because only you know the special hot key to open/hide the keylogger. Some software keyloggers are programmed with the feature to transmit data of recorded keystrokes out of the target computer and make the recorded keystrokes available to the monitor at a remote location. There are following different methods for remote communication:

  • Recorded keystrokes are periodically emailed to a pre-defined email address.
  • Recorded keystrokes are uploaded to a website or an FTP account.
  • Recorded keystrokes are wirelessly transmitted by means of an attached hardware system.

If you are a Mac OS X user, Aobo Keylogger for Mac can be a best solution for recording keystrokes on Mac. It records all the keystrokes and even passwords typed on the keyboard. Plus it records more like websites, chats and also takes desktop screenshots. Click the button below to download Aobo Keylogger for Mac now and Try it out for free!

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