How to Monitor Websites Visited on Mac

improve insider threat prevention

You can monitor websites visited on Mac that your children or employees usually browse with Easemon Mac Keylogger. The Mac Keylogger monitors and records websites visited with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on Mac OS X computers.

The Reason for Monitoring Websites Visited on Mac

Are you concerned that your children are browsing some bad websites with inappropriate materials in them? Do you suspect that they are browsing pornographic websites? Are you eager to know if your employees are browsing the non-work related websites during working time? Is there any way to see what sites are visited on your Mac even if they are deleted by others?

Now you’ll know for sure. To monitor websites visited on the Mac computers with Mac Keylogger from Easemon Software.

How Does Easemon Mac Keylogger Monitor Websites Activities?

In this part, you will understand how Easemon Mac keylogger works to monitor websites visited on Mac computers.

Record Every Website Visited from Safari, Firefox, and Chrome

Easemon Mac keystroke logger records every single website visited from popular web browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. And it analyzes and reports the URLs, titles and visiting date & time of webpages browsed and show you all the information in a clear listing format.

Easemon Mac Keylogger retains browsing history even if they are removed from web browsers. The surfing information is still stored in the log database of Mac Keylogger for future review.

Once installed and configured, Easemon Mac Keylogging software monitors and stores web browsing history of ALL user accounts on your Mac secretly. Above all, the web browsing history is only available for the Mac Keylogger user.

Access Website Logs Remotely via Emails or FTP

Easemon Keystroke logging software for Mac will give you the ability to access the website logs remotely via Emails or FTP. Thus, you can review the logs to find out what’s happening on your Mac without the Mac users’ knowing.

Record Websites in Private Browsing Mode

Your kid may use InPrivate in IE, Private Browsing in Firefox or incognito mode in Google Chrome to hide the web browsing activities. Whatever he or she uses, Easemon Internet Filter for Mac records websites visited in Private Browsing mode. Any visited websites will be logged into web history. You can view which websites your kid has visited or tried to visit in the recorded logs of Aobo Internet Filter for Mac. By checking the web browser history, you can add the inappropriate websites to Blacklist to make your Mac Internet Filter works better.

Nowadays people’s focus and concern on Internet security are increasingly on the rise. Undoubtedly, a variety of problems such as exposure to inappropriate contents, cyberbullying and cybercrime frustrate a great majority of parents. Also, employers are faced with problems like confidential information leakage. You can use Easemon Keylogger for Mac to check the activity your kids or employees did online by monitoring websites visited on Mac. Now, Easemon Keylogger for Mac is at hand.

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