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improve insider threat prevention

Amac Keylogger is a full-featured Keylogger for Mac OS X users. It covers most keylogging capabilities and helps users know exactly what happened on their Mac computers. You can use it to keep your family safe online, and some companies often use it to track employee activity and monitor their Internet use. Now let’s move on to know more about Amac Keylogger for Mac now!

Invisible Amac Keylogger

Run in discreet mode

Amac Keylogger logs keystrokes

Record Inputted keys
Record everything typed on the Mac!

Amac Keylogger records websites

Record Website Activities
Record the websites opened even if web history is emptied by users.

Amac Keylogger logs IM chats

Log IM Chat Conversations
Logs chat of both sides in Skype, AIM, iChat, MSN and Adium.

Amac Keylogger takes screenshots

Capture Desktop Screenshots
Captures desktop screenshots and provides you with visual records.

Amac Keylogger logs IP address

Track Locations by IP Address
Track the location of target Mac by IP address to get back lost Mac!

Amac Keylogger works on multiple users

Work on All User Accounts
Apply settings to all users with one click for multiple-user monitoring.

Amac Keylogger supports remote log viewing via email

Check Logs Remotely via Email
Remotely check logs by Email with computers, Mobile Phones or other devices with Internet access.

send logs by email

View Logs Remotely via FTP
Uploads all logs to your appointed FTP space for remote checking.


How Does Amac Keylogger Work?

Amac Keylogger is an invisible keylogger that usually works in complete stealth mode. You can also use Amac Keylogger for Mac to monitor and record keystrokes, passwords, websites, IM chats, desktop activities on your Mac. All the logs will be sent to you automatically by email or FTP so that you can check the reports no matter where you are.

After you install the software on your Mac, it will run automatically and it is hard to detect. Amac Keylogger for Mac will hide on your Mac, no icons, no pop-ups, no folders. Besides, it has password protection so that you can set the password yourself to make sure others cannot enter your keylogger software easily.

Amac Keylogger Features Review


Invisible Amac Keylogger

Amac Keylogger for Mac OS X runs in discreet mode to make sure that nobody can stop it without access.

The common reaction when people know that they are supervised is to escape from it, let alone when they don’t want others to know their doings online. Once they know you are monitoring them, they will avoid doing anything suspicious on the target Mac. What’s worse, they can easily find a computer outside such as in their friend’s house, or even a public net bar to get rid of your monitoring. So it is very important for you to use an invisible keylogger on your Mac. You can monitor them secretly and then guide them to use the Internet correctly without catching their attention.

How Does It Work?

  • It runs every time the Mac starts up.
  • It will not show up anywhere on the Mac.
  • Bypass most anti-virus software on the Mac.
  • All logs are recorded or sent by email/FTP secretly.
  • It has a customizable Hot Key, others cannot easily find it.
  • It provides password protection, so you can access it by using the password.

Record Keystrokes Typed

Amac Keylogger logs keystrokes

Amac Keylogger is the best keystroke logger. It gives you a powerful keystroke recording function. It records everything typed, including the Passwords which are typed on the Mac!

Typing keystrokes, the most frequent activity based on the keyboard while using a computer, will reveal what a user is doing to a large extent. In addition, many social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter or chatting services like Yahoo Messenger and G-Talk need accounts and passwords to access. It is essential for every Mac user to use a keylogger which has the function of recording passwords typed on the Mac. Amac Keylogger allows you to record all of the passwords typed on the Mac even though they are hidden or showing as asterisks (***).

What Does Keystroke Logging Do?

  • Amac Keylogger records all the keystrokes typed.
  • It records the hidden keystrokes (passwords behind ***) typed.
  • It logs the date and time when the keystrokes are typed
  • It tells in which application the keystrokes are typed
  • It exports the keystroke logs into PDF/HTML format

Track Website Activity

Amac Keylogger records websites

Amac Keylogger will continuously record the webpages opened even if you empty all web history after finishing surfing the Internet.

Visiting websites is a very typical activity for everyone who uses the internet. They visit websites to read the news, send/receive emails, watch movies, search for information, go online shopping and talk with others and so on. Children may make use of websites to view adult content. They will try to delete the web history if they don’t want you to know. However, with Amac Keylogger for Mac, these tricks won’t work because website activity will still be recorded even if they are deleted.

What Does Website Tracking Do?

  • Records the web history in Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  • Lists the live URLs of the visited websites so that you can directly click the URLs to check what the website is about.
  • Records the date and time about the visited websites.
  • Exports the website logs into PDF/HTML format

Log Chat Conversations

Amac Keylogger logs IM chats

Amac Keylogger logs both sides of chats in some popular instant messengers like Skype, AIM, iChat, MSN and Adium.

Cheaters and predators on the Internet have been conducting criminal acts to trick children steal personal information or scam people out of their money. Online chat has also been a breeding ground for online love affairs. Therefore, it is necessary for you to find out what’s going on during these chat conversations. Amac Keylogger can log both sides of chat conversations, with which you can check what your kids are chatting about with others, if your employees are leaking important information. Amac Keylogger for Mac OS X can help you find the crisis in time and also provides you evidence for the truth.

What Does Chat Logging Do?

  • Logs the name of the sender and receiver. You can know who they are chatting with and how often they chat.
  • Logs which applications were used, such as Skype, AIM, iChat, Adium or MSN.
  • Logs the date and the time of the messages sent, you can see clearly when they chat.
  • Logs all typed messages in chat services into keystroke logs
  • Exports the chat logs into PDF/HTML format

Capture Desktop Screenshots

Amac Keylogger takes screenshots

Amac Keylogger captures the desktop screenshots at the preset interval, which provides a visual record for you to know what they do exactly.

Screenshot capturing will help you record online activities that cannot be described through text. The advantage of taking screenshots is that you can find out if your children, your loved ones or your employees are doing video chat or not and who they are chatting with. In addition, taking desktop screenshots will make the logs complete. For example, if you want to record some logs such as both sides of Facebook or Yahoo Messenger chat conversations, which Amac Keylogger doesn’t support currently, you can take screenshots using a short interval, and most of the desktop activities including the chat sessions will be captured as screenshots.

What Does Screen Capturing Do?

  • Takes whole desktop screenshots at intervals
  • Compression available to save disk space
  • Customizable screenshot size and quality
  • Pauses automatically with inactivity
  • Exports the screenshot logs into PDF format
  • View screenshots in slide show

Log Public IP Address

Amac Keylogger logs IP address

It helps you track the location of target Mac by IP address, so you can get it back if it is lost!

Suppose your MacBook is stolen and there are many important files on it. You will be so worried about it. If you install Amac Keylogger on your MacBook, you don’t need to worry anymore. When Amac Keylogger sends email logs to you, the IP address and location reference will be included in them. If the thief begins to use your MacBook, you can retrieve your Mac with the IP address and location information provided in the email logs you receive, which may help you get your Mac back soon. In addition, since the keylogger runs in stealth mode, the thief won’t be able to find it and you will have enough time to get it back.

What Does Location Tracking Do?

  • Tracks the public IP address of the target Mac
  • Sends IP address information to your emails
  • Analyzes the location according to the IP address

Monitor Multiple Users

What Does Multiple-user Monitoring Do?

  • Syncs all the settings to other user accounts with one step.
  • Monitors all user accounts on a Mac with only 1 license key.
  • Automatically starts to monitor the user when he/she logs in.
  • Silently sends all the logs to preset email box/FTP space.

View Logs by Email Remotely

Amac Keylogger supports remote log viewing

Amac Keylogger enables you to receive logs via Email. You can check logs in remote locations and with other devices, for example, Windows PC, Mobile Phones or Tablet PC.

Amac Keylogger for Mac OS X supports remote log viewing, which is more convenient for you to monitor the activity on the Mac. If you have to check the logs on the target Mac every day, the Mac users may suspect your unusual behavior and they may not want to grant you access to their Mac as frequently as you want to see what they are doing. Remote monitoring means that you can check the logs and screenshots no matter when and where you are through your email. Therefore, it can be operated on any computer, which is safer and better for you.

Benefits of Email Sending:

  • Receive and view all the logs through Email box.
  • View logs anywhere/anytime with Internet-connected devices.
  • The private data is more secure when the logs are received by email.
  • Receive notification as soon as the new logs have arrived.
  • Store logs even though the information was deleted on Mac.

View Logs by FTP Remotely

upload logs via FTP

Amac Keylogger for Mac gives you the ability to receive and view logs including all screenshots uploaded to FTP space remotely.

Unlike Email, uploading logs to FTP has no size limit which enables users to receive all the screenshots captured, even when those captured when a short interval for screenshots capturing has been set and the size of the screenshots generated is huge. The screenshots enable users to know everything done on the Mac by capturing desktop activities and playing as slideshow movie. Get an FTP account Now!

Benefits of FTP delivery:

  • Receive all captured desktop screenshots.
  • View logs anywhere(computers/mobile phones/tablets with Internet access).
  • Monitor multiple devices – Logs can be sent from different devices to one FTP account.
  • View logs in Finder or Windows Explorer intuitionistic.
  • Play screenshots in a slideshow.

Who Uses Amac Keylogger?

Parents – Keep Your Kids Away From Online Dangers

Nowadays, the Internet plays an increasingly important role in modern life. Young children, in particular, prefer to surf the Internet to watch the videos, to play exciting computer games, to chat with friends online and more. However, there is so much information on the Internet; young children can hardly tell what is good or bad for them, such as sexual or violent content, which will warp their minds. Amac Keylogger does a beautiful job of monitoring your children’s activity online,. You can find out exactly what they often do certain things on the Mac so that you can help them use the Internet better and more correctly.

Business – Supervise Your Employees in the Office

Do you want to find out what your employees are doing every day? Are they working or playing on the computer? Are they visiting websites unrelated with their work? Are you worried about how inefficient they have been recently? Thanks to Amac Keylogger, you don’t need to worry about these problems anymore. It allows you to monitor all your employees’ activity, including what websites they are visiting, and who they are chatting with.

You know, the Internet is such a wonderful place with plenty of fantastic things to look at that it’s possible that your employees can hardly bear the temptation of the Internet. Amac Keylogger for Mac OS X acts as an invisible boss on the Mac to monitor them. You can find out everything happening on it. If they are playing on the computer at work, you can warn them, and then this will raise their work efficiency.

School – Monitor Students Activity on School Computers

Many teachers think that the Internet is hard to control. Many students like to use the Internet to do personal things such as playing computer games, chatting with friends online, listening to music, or watching movies. Most of them use the Internet to do something unrelated to their study, which is really wasting time. In the past, teachers couldn’t do anything about that because they can’t shut down the network. Amac Keylogger will log everything your students do on the computer during class, so you can see their behavior online and give them a relative mark.

From what has been discussed above, it can be found that a good keylogger for Mac OS X such as Amac keylogger is necessary and useful because it provides powerful monitoring functions. Click on the button below to sign up for a trial version and experience the features now!

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