Mac Keyboard Logger to Uncover True Social Network

Remote Keylogger for Mac

A Mac keyboard logger helps you monitor and control what happens on the target Mac computer even when you are far away. It is generally known that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube become more and more popular especially when users are surfing the Internet with computers, mobile phones, and other Internet-connected devices. However, social media activities with computers belong to the most frequently used one.

The Reason for Using a Mac Keyboard Logger

Do you know what your children are actually doing on the social network? Why do they keep online till midnight? What if your children are connected with inappropriate online behaviors? Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about this by using Mac keyboard logger to help you take control of the computer usage.

The Features of a Mac Keyboard Logger

Log Keystrokes and Social Chats

“According to Nielsen, internet users continue to spend more time with social media sites than any other type of site.”

A must-have feature of the keyboard logger for Mac is to log typed keystrokes on keyboards. Besides, the Mac keyboard recorder keeps track of web history, chat conversations, email content, desktop snapshots as well as social network activity. These recording features play an important role in uncovering the real social network in detail. By viewing the recorded information, you will be aware of what sites the users are browsing on the Internet, who they are chatting with and what they exactly talk about.

Capture Screenshots of Mac

What’s more, the desktop screenshots captured by the Mac keyboard keylogger are able to show a full picture of the computer usage in real-time.

Send Logs to Email or FTP

When thinking about how to remotely check logs without arousing any suspicion, the invisible keyboard recorder for Mac makes it quite easy by sending logs to your email or FTP so that you can conveniently check the recorded content regardless of time and place.

More importantly, this professional Mac keyboard keylogger could also record passwords typed in all applications, including Facebook, Email, Game like World of Warcraft, Skype, AIM, and any other web browsers. Knowing these passwords, the hidden social network activity will be clearly brought into light as you are provided with the login information to figure out the truth.

Monitor Computer Using Mac Keyboard Logger

Mac Keyboard logger is a keylogging method to keep track or log all the keystrokes someone strikes on the keyboard. Keyboard logger allows people to track the actions that their children or kids or employees have made while they are away.

Types of Keyboard Logger

Two types of Mac keyboard logger are available today. The hardware and software types. Hardware Mac keyboard logger is a simple piece of Mac hardware that you plug into the back of the computer and connect to the keyboard. It’s also called USB keyboard logger. Though hardware Mac keyboard logger is virtually undetectable to any security software on the computer, it can be detected once the person you are spying is on needs to look at the back of the computer for any reason. It’s the easiest method for you to find out what the persons are doing on the computer by applying a hardware computer keyboard logger.

What Does Mac Keyboard Logger Do?

Some come with Mac keyboard logger software as well. Mac Keyboard logger software tracks all activities made by the person using the computer, which includes typed keystrokes (such as passwords and usernames), emails, chats; visited websites, opened applications; even snapshots of the Mac computer. All the logs are recorded to a secret file on the Mac computer by keyboard logger and then they will be sent to an email account that is viewable from a remote computer or cellphone.

Most of the Mac keyboard loggers work in approximately the same way, which allows you to install and view logs later. Some of keyboard loggers come with the capability to allow you to view the keystrokes and site visits in real-time without waiting until the person is off the computer to find out what they are doing. This kind of keyboard logger works well for an employer who wants to cut down employee goofing off and increase productivity.

If you want to find out the true social network activity performed by your kids, Aobo Mac Keylogger as the most powerful and professional Mac keyboard keylogger is capable of uncovering everything the users do in the social network world. Its free trial will give you a better experience to make clear what you need to know.

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