Keep Reports Confidential and Safe with LAN Employee Monitoring Software

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Using a LAN employee monitoring software program to monitor employee computer use in the workplace is now more important than ever and safeguards your business against lost productivity, identity theft, viruses and other forms of liability. Keylogger software is a unique type of surveillance tool that allows you as an employer to monitor your employee’s footsteps while they work on their computers. A good LAN keylogger employee monitoring software program such as EaseMon has the ability to track information as basic as typing a few words on a keyboard to even emails and instant messages drafted on social media channels.

Easemon LAN Employee Monitoring Software

EaseMon employee monitoring software is rather comprehensive and enables you to trace internet activities, emails composed and even Facebook and YouTube logs. Just like your business secrets, staff monitoring reports must be distributed and kept confidential for several reasons. By distributing employee monitoring reports to authorized employees such as select administrative staff, you showcase good employee monitoring practices as you do not cause embarrassment for the concerned employee in front of your entire workforce.

This helps the employee see this as a positive approach rather than a punishment, and therefore they are more inclined to put forward their best efforts going forward. The market is flourished with LAN employee monitoring software, but EaseMon stands apart from the rest for several reasons, most notably its ability to store employee monitoring reports in its own unique cloud or set up your own Local PHP/MYSQL Server.

Benefits of Using Own Server on LAN Network

Whether you have a workforce of 5 or 500 employees, the benefits of building your own Local PHP/MYSQL Server to keep your employee reports confidential are tremendous. First, you get to assign multiple managers who are able to further monitor their group of employees and send reports via the company’s intranet. Administrators can further set specific privileges for authorized individuals, which results in a rather efficient and streamlined employee monitoring process. Setting separate privileges ensures that the work processes of other individuals using the same LAN employee monitoring software remains undisturbed.

The process of using EaseMon cloud or even building your exclusive Local PHP/MYSQL Server is pretty simple. The first step is to purchase Easemon with custom server build and then install employee monitoring software on employee Mac computers separately. After that, you will need to configure the server so that data can be streamed through the intranet. The beauty of this entire process of using employee monitoring software on LAN network is that even though employee monitoring reports can only be streamed via the Intranet, the data that’s stored in the cloud can be accessed remotely by authorized individuals. So this basically puts your employee monitoring efforts on autopilot as employee reports are transmitted and stored in the cloud for you to access them from wherever you are.

Data leak is a sensitive aspect for any business for employers as well as employees and could have grave consequences if not dealt with appropriately. Employee monitoring software such as EaseMon allows you to set keywords, which when triggered takes screenshots of the employees Mac computer. These screenshots could have vital secrets about your company so it is important to keep them safe especially if you’re going to be sharing them with other personnel from your company. In addition, monitoring staff with software provides a ton of benefits for you and them as it allows you to provide feedback to ensure that company rules are not violated.

This feedback is gained through employee monitoring software reports, which must be kept confidential from other employees, which can only be done with LAN employee Mac monitoring software. As a business, you may also have employees working in the field, at home or out of the office. By using Easemon Cloud feature, you can also have their employees’ Mac computer reports by on a WAN network, so this feature works regardless of where you’re employees are located.

Employee monitoring is important in today’s ever-competitive and technology-driven world, but it is also important to keep data from employee reports in the right hands. Sign up for a free version of Easemon LAN employee monitoring software and starts employee monitoring right now.

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