Invisible PC Keylogger Software to Log Every Keystroke on Your Computer

Monitor Mac Activity

Easemon PC Keylogger is a professional and invisible PC Keylogger that can secretly record everything that is done on the monitored PC. It is 100% hidden to the target Windows PC user and you are the only one who can view the logs with encrypted passwords. Not only with the powerful logging skills, but the invisible PC Keylogger is also equipped with blocking features so that all the unwanted websites and applications will be blocked from occurring on the PC.

Powerful Monitoring Features of Invisible PC Keylogger

The top-ranked feature of the invisible PC Keylogger is its powerful logging skill which can record all the activities that happen on the target Windows PC.

Record Keystrokes Entered

Easemon keylogger for PC logs the keystrokes and passwords entered on the target computer. It also records in which applications the keystrokes were typed when they were typed and the text details, the control keys such as Enter/Backspace/Shift.

Track Websites Visited

Easemon logs websites visited in Safari/Chrome/FireFox, including the websites visited in Private browsing mode.

Automatic Desktop Screenshots

Easemon takes a screenshot automatically when a preset keyword is triggered in the user activities. You can visually see the important activities such as visiting inappropriate websites, playing violent games, chatting with suspicious persons.

Record Chats in Social Apps

Easemon Keylogger for PC monitors the text messages sent and received in Skype, Adium. The entered chats in other chatting tools can be recorded as keystrokes.

Check Logs by Email/Cloud Panel

Those detailed logs will send to your preset email box or the cloud panel automatically. You can see clearly and manually delete the logs anytime and anywhere as long as the Internet is connected. In this respect, you can get the details about what your kids or employees do on the Internet while you are away, from which you can have a good understanding of them physically and mentally.

Blocking Inappropriate Websites

Another added parental control feature of the invisible Keylogger for PC is its professional blocking skill which can block the websites that you consider inappropriate. For the sake of the healthy development of your kids, Easemon monitoring software released the blocking function as a parental control tool. You just need to add the keywords of the websites and applications to the Blacklist. Then the invisible PC Keylogger can relieve you from worries about harmful websites for your innocent kids.

If you are the employer, you can also use the website blocking feature in Easemon PC Keylogger to restrict employees’ access to inappropriate websites during the working time. Some lazy and irresponsible employees may secretly surf social networking sites, online games, online shopping sites, which may reduce their productivity and waste the company’s resources. Blocking inappropriate websites is necessary and useful for a company’s development.

Creatively integrating the functions of logging and blocking, Easemon PC Keylogger renders you with complete monitoring experience. After checking on the logs, you can find some potentially dangerous websites and applications, thus updating your Blacklist as quickly as you can. In this manner, your kids are under total online protection. This invisible PC Keylogger is absolutely perfect for you with the powerful logging and blocking functions, now it is high time to download Easemon PC Keylogger Free Trial.

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