Internet Blocker Is Essential to Your Child’s Future

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We need an internet blocker such as Easemon to block inappropriate apps and website to guarantee that our kids are in a clean and safe online environment. Every day the internet and our connected world are growing more and more pervasive in our lives. The numbers of gadgets that we have that are connected to the internet are growing by the second. We are also on the cusp of the so-called “internet of things” which will connect almost everything that you own to the internet.

Block Porn with an Internet Blocker

This also brings with it access to unwanted porn on the internet of which there is no dearth. It has been proved in a number of child psychology studies that access to porn at an early age can stifle the development of children and even imbibe unhealthy attitudes towards sex.

This is where specialized internet blocker comes in. These small pieces of code are a god-sent gift for parents out there. This little piece of code helps you gain control over the lives of your young ones and keep them out of harm’s way.

Of course, kids nowadays are extremely tech-savvy so they found easy methods to get around old outdated software which would only work when the internet connection is on. This made it susceptible to proxy software which would camouflage the nature of the websites being visited.

The new improved internet blocker works from the moment the computer is booted up. It starts running automatically during start-up and so provides protection every instant that the computer is on.

You have the option of blocking certain offline software like porn games or other virtual reality smut that is easily available on the internet nowadays.

How Does an Internet Blocker Help?

The many ways in which the software has improved in such a short time is truly remarkable. It is impossible for you to block porn websites one by one as there are simply too many to block. If you block access to one, the child will simply visit another one. To combat this, the developers have developed an algorithm which can recognize the nature of the site being visited and automatically restrict access to that. So, by installing internet blocker software, once you are able to block access to almost all the porn on the internet. It’s magical!

The internet blocker program also gives you the freedom to customize the number of restrictions you want to place. Parenting varies from person to person and what one parent considers acceptable may not be acceptable to you. So, the software has built-in controls and checks that can be changed as and when you wish.

To prevent children from uninstalling the software to gain access to unwanted websites, there is a master password that only you should have. If you make sure that this password is not with any other person then this internet blocker software is impossible to uninstall without your permission.

The internet blocker is able to record each and every website that was visited, which is useful for certain situations. You can use it to make sure that your employees during office hours are actually working and not wasting time surfing social networking websites, porn sites or online games.

This small investment is well worth the features and internet blocker is very essential for your children’s future. Before purchasing the full version, you can register a trial version and experience the functions of Easemon internet blocker firstly.

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