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When it comes to restricting Internet usage, people often think of the Internet access control. Basically, the Internet access control software such as Easemon is becoming more and more in demand along with the widely use of the Internet by people all over the world. It can be used to monitor what children or employees do on the computers and control their Internet access.

The Necessity of Internet Access Control

Especially for parents and administrators, it is difficult for them to find a good way to control the Internet usage invisibly and efficiently, because difficulty usually comes along with the problems about how to monitor activities invisibly, how to control and limit the web usage simply, and how to block applications from running on the computers. But nowadays we are certainly lucky that the Internet access control software comes into being in time to help a lot of people solve these problems.

The Functions of Internet Access Control Software 

Invisibly Monitor and Control Internet Usage

The Internet access control software offers completely invisible monitoring for the PC users to record all websites visited on their Internet in detail, which means that it is rather difficult for your children or employees to find that you are monitoring and control their Internet access. As the best Internet control software, it not only blocks websites but also keeps track of all visited websites on the Internet so that you can know all web activity about your children or employees online every day.

Efficiently Block Inappropriate Web Sites

An amazing third of adult Internet users in the United States have visited some type of sexual sites, a recent survey on-line sex revealed. It is true that vast numbers of people are now giving in to their sexual urges through the Internet. As a result, a lot of porn information appears online obviously. Not only that, but there is also plenty of bad information occurring online such as believing in violence, money worship and more which has a hidden but very bad effect on people’s health, especially for many young people. The Internet access control software also works as the most professional web filtering software that enables to allow people to block any websites simply by URLs or keywords.

Prevent Unwanted Applications from Running

There is another thing which is a hidden public health hazard exploding but many young people like to do on the Internet. That is playing computer games on the Internet. But very few people recognize it as such or taking it seriously, why? Because many people think that it is the common activity people do online and they just want to have a relax by playing the games. Usually, it is too late for people when they find out the seriousness of the problem.

Therefore, in order to avoid having game addiction, the Internet access control software like Easemon can help you prevent this problem from occurring once more. As the best Internet filtering software, it not only blocks web sites but also stops any applications from running on your computer. Everything you need to do is put the process name to the blacklist of the software, and it will help you block the application when users want to use it in the next time.

In conclusion, Easemon Internet access control software not only monitors and controls the internet usage but also blocks inappropriate websites and applications. It’s a good tool for parental control and employee monitoring.  


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