How to Check Employee Internet Usage at Workplace?

It’s every employer’s responsiblity to control and check employee Internet usage to increase employee productivity and protect business confidential information. Easemon is such employee monitorign software which helps you identify whether your employees are misusing or overusing the Internet at the workplace by providing you with Internet monitoring functionality to check employee Internet usage.

Apart from rendering the company Internet network vulnerable to malware, unrestricted employee Internet usage can lead to reduced or complete loss of productivity, harassment liabilities and security risks. Since employees cannot choose or decide to restrict their Internet usage at the workplace, the challenge then falls in the hands of you, the employer to ensure that the workforce remains productive and focused all the time.

With Easemon employee monitoring software, you can monitor your employees’ Internet activities including visited websites like gaming sites, online shopping sites, and video sites. Moreover, Easemon app can also help you check employee chat conversations including IM chats such as Skype and Facebook.

Why Should You Check Employee Internet Usage?

It’s the responsibility of an employer or administrator to ensure that whatever employees do especially with company resources during working hours adheres to company policies and is positively beneficial to the company. Allowing your employees to spend most of their work time on frivolous sites can have serious effects on employee productivity. Also, as per most company policies, company computers should not be used to access abhorrent websites as this can lead to serious legal risks which may include expensive lawsuits.

To ensure that company information is secured, the company remains productive, safe from legal liabilities and upholds employee discipline at work; you should consider monitoring software like Easemon to check employee Internet usage.

Key Features of Easemon Employee Monitoring Software

Easemon is a piece of centralized employee monitoring software that is designed with all-around features. These features include:

  • Keystroke Logging
    Easemon enables you to monitor and records all keystrokes typed on the company provided Internet device. This includes composed emails, typed messages, accounts and passwords, entered command keys i.e. enter/space etc.
  • Instant Messages Chat Logging
    Easemon checks and records both-side text conversations in chat apps like Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.
  • Monitor Visited Websites
    With Easemon, you are able to monitor which sites your employees visit as it keeps tracks of URLs visited using the monitored device.
  • App Monitoring
    Easemon has an app monitoring feature which allows you monitor your employees’ app usage. It will clearly show you which apps your employees used and also help you to identify serious employees and those that only goof around.
  • Capture Screenshots
    Easemon employee monitoring software captures screenshots automatically especially when a preset keyword is triggered. This will help you visually check employee Internet usage and consequently know how to restrict employee Internet usage.
  • Notification via Email
    Easemon sends you an email notification whenever a specific activity is detected so that you can take appropriate action as soon as possible.

With all mentioned above, you can configure Easemon policies and features to restrict or block bandwidth consuming websites and in turn, effectively monitor and control employee Internet usage. Using Easemon Internet monitoring software to check employee Internet usage will help you save Internet bandwidth for smooth business operation and also avoid liabilities that may arise due to its unrestricted use.

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