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Work emails can be recorded by tools such as Gmail spy software while employees often use email to send personal messages or inappropriate jokes. A lot of information gets transferred through work email each year. They come in various forms – transactions, invitations, inquiries, deals or private letters. How safe is email as a communication tool? Why do companies monitor emails sent by and to employees? How does Gmail spy software work? Read on and find out the answers.

Why Do Companies Track Employees’ Email?

Is it legal to use Gmail spy software in the workplace? Many large companies get away with monitoring email by including it in their policies. Setting up detailed and strict policies showing what is considered offensive and inappropriate is a good way to avoid privacy issues. Why do companies want to monitor employee email? Here are some of the reasons.

Legal Security

Any illegal activity that has been done using company resources and through the company’s system has the potential to affect the business. Keeping a record of all exchanges in emails would reveal concrete records that can protect the company and its other employees.


It is a common scenario in the workplace: one employee sends a funny video or a cute picture to the whole team and a chain of conversation starts. While this exchange shows light and good relationships among workers, it can also bring distraction to the workplace. With monitored emails, employees are more likely to refrain from sending distracting materials to their fellow workers. Also, the company can monitor how much time is being wasted on unnecessary content.

Abuse of Materials

Aside from protecting the company from being linked to illegal activities, companies also want to prevent abuse of resources – database, access to certain e-collections and confidential documents.

Features of EaseMon Gmail Spy Software

Several monitoring tools such as the EaseMon have the essential properties of Gmail monitoring software. Here are several tasks that EaseMon monitoring software for Mac and Windows PC can do:

Record Composed Emails

Easemon can record composed emails sent and received by employees. Aside from emails, the software can also track other instant messaging texts through keystroke logging. It allows you to see both sides of the conversation.

Track Websites visited

It supports the tracking of websites visited in Incognito or Private Browsing Mode. It does not matter which browser is used and if the user selects a private mode. The software can still track browsing activities.

Monitor Application Usage

The function of monitoring application usage is available. This tool can show the length of application use and report which applications are most frequently used by employees. This feature is the most useful in determining who among your employees are spending time unproductively.

Set Tag Keywords

Users can use Easemon to set tag keywords. In Gmail monitoring and other monitoring activities, EaseMon allows you to preset keywords. And screenshots are captured every time keywords are triggered. Whenever the preset keywords are used in emails, you will be alerted instantly.

The advantages you get from monitoring email include securing business resources, increasing work productivity and correcting employee behavior. With email control, employees are less likely to have inappropriate conduct when communicating through email. To achieve this kind of working environment, try out EaseMon Gmail spy software tool and you will find surprises.

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