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Parents need the best parental control program to ensure their children’s online safety in a digitalized world. There is absolutely no doubt that computers and the internet have changed how children learn and gather information for good. From science and math to world inappropriate activity and much more, there is no dearth of information on the internet these days. Tutoring and education software applications have also played their part in promoting learning online. However, from rampant pornography to disturbing and violent images, videos and games, there are a lot of things that you need to protect your kids from and this is where the parental control software can be invaluable.

The Best Parental Control Program and the Risks it Can Save Your Kids from

Here are a few reasons why you absolutely need software for best parental control on your system:

  • The number of nasty websites is impossible to keep a track of. These pages pop up randomly and are easy traps for kids.
  • Email and chat allows kids to get in touch with anyone they want to and this means there is a risk of getting into the trouble with dangerous contacts.
  • Internet is also abundant with plenty of information all which is not necessarily good for your kids.
  • With more than a trillion websites out there, there is a good chance that your kid stays glued to the computer all day. This internet overdose, however, is not healthy and can be prevented using the best parental control program. The internet also leads kids to reduce physical activity and exercise which, again, is quite an unhealthy habit.
  • Cyber bullying is the dark side of the internet and its ability to let kids connect with friends. Kids can easily be insulted or even abused online which can be denting to their confidence and development. Since you can see the physical symptoms of this bullying, cyber bullying is much greater a risk; yet another risk that can be averted using the right parental control software.

With a computer monitoring program, you can control the content viewed by your children on the internet. The Micro Keylogger available at is just what you need to ensure that your kids are looking at all the right things on the internet. Pitted as a leading computer monitoring software, Micro Keylogger helps parents keep record of every keystroke typed by your children. This includes not just general keystrokes but also a record of chats, passwords, accounts and lots more. Being the best parental control program out there, this software gives you complete access to everything your children do online without letting them know.

The Main Features of Micro Keylogger

Log Passwords and Keystrokes

The PC monitoring software keeps records of every password and keystroke typed by users on the system.

Run as an Invisible Applicatioin

The keylogger runs as an invisible application not allowing your children to find out that they are being watched.

Send Logs by FTP or Email

The parental control spy sends logs by FTP space or email in a covert fashion

The software keeps a record of all visited websites as well as downloaded files and applications that were run on the system.

Customize the Functions

Apart from this, users can also customize the software to take screenshots at fixed time intervals to keep a close eye on proceedings.

Monitor Multiople Accounts

The parental control program can be used to monitor more than one user accounts and is protected by a password.

Ease to Install

Being the best parental control program out there, you can expect easy use and installation.

To protect kids from inappropriate content online, parents need the best parental control program to keep an eye the children’s activities on the computers. In this way, parents can take quick action to protect the kids from danger once danger is detected. Click the button below to start a free trial right now!

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