Facebook Keylogger: Keystroke logger for Mac

Ksystroke logging software gets more and more significant in People’s daily life on the Internet. Facebook is the new prominent social network site followed by Myspace in the Internet virtual world in recent years. Adding friends, exchanging messages, joining in the groups, updating profiles, Facebook provides engaging social network activities for people, especially sustained and pursued by teenagers. However, teenagers are easily falling in with the wrong crowd through Facebook, and you even can not imagine the guys on their buddy lists are drinking and drug-taking. To protect teens from online problems, Facebook parental control is urgently required. In this case, a Facebook keystroke logger will satisfy parents and help them.

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A Facebook Keystroke Logger for Mac will:

  • Track all keystroke activity on Facebook, log passwords, and capture screenshots. Record Facebook chat conversations by timeline.
  • Record Facebook profile visits with website recording.
  • Delivery facebook keystroke logs, screenshots and website logs to a preset email address.
  • Work invisibly in the background, which will not be detected.

Due to so many keyloggers available online, it’s hard to choose a proper Facebook Keystroke Logger for Mac. The next version of Aobo Facebook Keylogger is aimed at offering parents the best service of Facebook keystroke logging on Mac. Aobo Mac Keylogger is highly recommended as the Facebook keystroke logger for Mac OS X.

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