Elite Keylogger Review

Besides keystroke recording, Elite Keylogger also includes integrated features of screenshot capturing, email intercepting and website logging. Elite Keylogger has flexible advanced settings, both for computer savvy and novices.
Elite Keylogger is clean and secure. It runs in total stealth (Base driver level) and defeats anti-virus programs with a live update system.

1. Running in total stealth (Hide in task manager, service manager, control panel as well as start-up menu)
2. Powerful password recording (including win-logon password)
3. Interception of e-mail messages (both sides)
4. Logs are encrypted

1. Only one side interception in instant messengers (MSN/AIM/ICQ/Yahoo, etc.)
2. No supporting for 64-bit system

If you would like a keylogger with more features or working with 64-bit system, please check Micro Keylogger.

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I installed Micro Keylogger on my Windows 8 PC the other day. When I tried to open it today, I found I had forgotten the secure key to bring it up. I attempted to look for it in the task manager, control panel, services, start-up list, but there is no trace of the keylogger in these places. I was impressed by the stealth level of the keylogger.

All the logs are grouped into 8 categories (Keystrokes, Screenshots, Internet activity, Applications history, Clipboard, Passwords, Downloaded files). You may firstly generate keylogger logs by selecting a day and click “View logs from xx (date) to xx”

Logs can be sent to email, FTP. The keylogger log files are encrypted, so there is no need to worry about that someone else finds the log files. Parental control features are also included. Micro Keylogger allows users to block websites and applications.

In a word, we can say that Micro Keylogger is a great product for those who are in need of parental control as well as concerned about stealthiness and security of the keylogger.

Main Functions of Micro Keylogger:

  • Invisible Monitoring
    Micro Keylogger can work in a complete invisible and undetectable way that is hard to be discovered by the monitored users.
  • Keystroke & Password Logging
    The PC spying software can log all keystrokes and passwords entered on keyboard so that you can master the PC activities completely.
    • Clipboard Texts Logging
      Apart from the keystroke logging, Micro Keylogger also keeps records of the texts copied or cut to the clipboard secretly.
    • IM Message Recording
      The detailed information, such as the IM chat conversation and time stamp at your side, can be captured by the Micro Keylogger.
    • Website Logging
      The PC monitoring software can keep track of every URL of the website visited and the accurate time stamp on IE/Firefox/Google Chrome.
    • Website Blocking
      The website blocking function of Micro Keylogger can block all the undesirable websites and applications on the filter list.
    • Screenshot Capturing
      It can capture the screenshots in a preset interval on the monitored PC so as to present the vivid visualized pictures.
    • Remote Checking and Controlling
      Micro Keylogger can deliver the logs to the email box or FTP space for the convenience of remote checking. Besides, it also remotely turn on/off the keylogger by the remote control portal.
    • Password Protection
      The PC keylogger has the password protection. Nobody can access to the interface to change the configuration until the correct password entered.

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