Does Mac Get Keylogger Spy Software?

Kids Growth Bodyguard (KGB) keylogger for Mac

Most of the Mac users may have the same doubt: Will a Mac infect keylogger spy software? You can find lots of discussions on the Internet, however, you can still get an exactly explain about this question.

It’s Possible to Get Mac Keylogger Spy Software

Here we are giving all of the concerned Mac users an answer to the question above. “Sure, you are able to find out lots of Mac keylogger spy software on the market now. No matter they are free or commercial.” Compared to the spy software on PC, there is much less than on Mac. If you are using a Mac device, please keep peace in your mind, you are having few chances to get keylogger spy software.

Hardware Keylogger

What are the ways of your Mac getting keylogger? One of the most dangerous approaches is small USB devices (Hardware Keylogger). Anyone who is using your Mac can easily connect it to your Mac keyboard. Then the Hardware Keylogger is ready to record everything happened on the Mac. In this case, Mac OS X loses the ability to protect users since the monitoring tool is coming from outside the computer but not inside.

If you allowed someone else to use your Mac device, you are putting your computer into a dangerous situation. People can install a keylogger once he/she has physical access to the target computer. If you do not connect an external keyboard to your Mac, Mac Books / MacBook Pros will be safe enough.

Keylogger Spy Software

For some security reasons, Mac user can install a keylogger program on Mac to monitor kids or employees. This is another type of keylogger spy software for Mac. Anyone who has the administrative authority of your device can install a keylogger on Mac. The physical access is needed since no one can do that remotely.

This kind of Mac Keylogger programs is very popular and easy for parents and employers. You can find that Mac Keyloggers are much more powerful than you think. A Mac keylogger logs keystrokes, websites and chats conversations.

Keystrokes Logging

Easemon keylogger spy software records the keystrokes and passwords entered in the target Mac computer. Keystrokes inputted in emails, chat apps, URLs, account, and passwords are logged.

Chat Logging

Chat messages sent and received in Skype, Adium and Skype can be recorded. The text messages which are entered in other social chat apps are recorded as keystrokes.

Websites Visited

Also, the keylogger spy software records websites history in Safari/Chrome/Firefox. Private browsing history can also be tracked.

Application Usage

Additionally, the keylogger records app usage in detail. For instance, it calculates how long a specific app has been used, displays the apps which are used the most, generates app usage report, and more. 

Desktop Screenshots

As the best keylogger spy software for Mac and Windows PC, Easemon captures desktop screenshots by keywords. Also, it can take screenshots at a preset keyword. You can use screenshot capturing feature to check the activities which cannot be recorded by keystrokes.

Alert and Notification

You can set up alert keywords to catch the activities when the keywords are triggered in the users’ activities. For instance, you can set up keywords by app name. When the app is accessed, Easemon will capture screenshots automatically.

Work in Invisible Mode

Easemon spy software for Mac and Windows PC works in an invisible mode. The target computer user won’t detect it.

Remote Control

You can log into the cloud panel and turn on/off monitoring remotely. Also, you can remotely log out, shut down, restart the target Mac computer.

Actually, compared to PC, Mac computers are much more secure. Even so, your Mac still has a possibility to get keylogger spy software. At the same time, please remember to take advantage of a legitimate keylogger program when you need it.

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