Blocking Websites on Google Chrome

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Is it really a requisite to block websites on Google Chrome for employees? Well, it’s not only observance but also the stats that speak for the same. Various research statistics have been indicative of the fact that most of the working professionals spend almost 8-10% of their working hours in surfing sites that are unrelated to their job.

The Necessity of Blocking Websites on Google Chrome

Surfing activities affect the overall productivity of the employees in a number of ways. Employees lose their time which could otherwise be invested in their allotted work. Their minds have deviated towards their leisure-time activities which reduce the seriousness and dedication towards their job. Aobo Filter for PC is a tool to block websites on Google Chrome which will ultimately limit employees with nothing but informative and work-related information.

How Does This Application Work to Block Websites on Google Chrome?

This is an automated system that has been well-programmed to follow algorithms for the settings initialized. Through the interface provided to block websites on Google Chrome and to monitor user queries, you can create a blacklist and white list for the sites.

The blacklist can contain the sites that you don’t trust or that you want to restrict. On the other hand, white list sites will be the ones that hold indispensable usage. The best part about this website blocking application is that you can set certain permissions for every employee of your enterprise and manage all logs and failed loads through a single admin interface that you hold authorized access to.

Features of Aobo Filter for PC

With this well-structured and easy-to-use software to block websites on Google Chrome, it has become a one-click deal to protect the enterprise surfing sphere. Here are a few benefits that this software offers for Google Chrome website blockage:

  • State URL or certain keywords to block internet content
  • Set up intense screening for adult content
  • Access logs even with browsing under a Private Tab
  • Block any unwanted applications or online games
  • complete reports for websites and keywords blocked
  • Run on your PC in an untraceable mode
  • Complete admin control with password authorization

How Effective Is Aobo Filter for PC Website Screening?

It’s quite a mandate nowadays to block websites on Google Chrome as employees misuse the liberty of internet usage to focus on other leisure activities rather than concentrating on their assigned tasks. The algorithms of this application have been robustly structured to avoid any suspected or unwanted content from passing through. With the level of security and protection, this application offers to your organization, this interface to block websites on Google Chrome is truly a must-have application to boost your employee efficiency and thus the overall business productivity.

Will Your Employees Know?

Aobo Filter for PC has been designed intelligently to block websites on Google Chrome with or without letting your employees know of it. The first method is the invisible filtering which runs silently to block sites. This hidden functionality often leaves your employees wondering why certain websites are unable to open up. The second method is where the employees enter a search keyword or a specific URL that is blocked and they will be directed to a page that asks for user authentication. Through this method, your company employees will be aware that they are under striction watch which will eventually lower down even the trial efforts of opening restricted sites.

Impressed with these exclusive features? Wish to block websites on Google Chrome for your employees? Click the button below to register the free version and download Aobo Filter for PC now and set up your guard against unwanted internet surfing activities in your organization.

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