Block Games on Mac With Aobo Filter for Mac

Guarantee Kids Online Safety

Millions of parents across the world are looking for a web filter that can block games on Mac. With Aobo Web Filter for Mac, parents are able to block games and other applications on Mac.

Block Games on Mac to Limit Children’s Usage of Mac Computers

Recently, Moms and dads are pressured by their children to buy the latest technology including PCs laptops and smartphones. Many will refuse to give their kids these devices as they strive to protect kids because a rapidly increasing number of teenagers surrender themselves to play computer games online every day. Some of them even stay up to play games after their parents fall asleep, seriously affecting their health and study, which worries parents a lot. Thus millions of parents across the world are looking for a game filter that can block games on Mac.

Aobo Filter for Mac is definitely the best game filter for parents to block games for kids. Aobo Filter for Mac can easily and quickly block games and applications on Mac, just by adding them to App Filter list of the program. By blocking inappropriate games on Mac you are able to create a healthy and temperate online environment for your kids. Apart from blocking games on Mac.

Protect Kids From Bad Influence Online

Apart from blocking games on Mac, this game filter for parents is also created to block porn websites to keep damaging influences away from children as they use the Internet. It blocks out exactly what you feel improper, and gives you high-level control over every Internet access of children. Aobo Filter for Mac runs in completely undetectable mode when it is blocking games, applications, and websites, which is a big advantage for parents as teenagers,in particular have a strong desire for privacy and no interference.

Protect Kids from Online Sexual Predators

It should be noted that many games nowadays allow users to chat with others by sending and receiving text messages. Online sexual predators may use this function to find preys and target children who like playing games. Therefore, it’s necessary that parents limit the time that children play games and monitor children’s chats with strangers. Aobo Filter for Mac not only blocks apps but also monitors children’s activities on Mac computers.

By using Aobo Filter for Mac to check children’s chats on games, parents can know whether children are in contact with strangers. Parents can also take timely action to protect kids from the danger as soon as they find something wrong.

There is no amount of education or warning that can prevent children from playing computer games online today, and apparently cutting off the Internet connection or blocking all of the stuff out of computers is not the solution. The only practical solution today is to install Aobo Filter for Mac on the home computer that kids have access to. With it, parents have rights to block games on Mac and block porn websites. Only in this way can we stop kids from online games and sexual media content exposure, and give them a safe online environment.

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