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The online game addiction is becoming a growing problem all over the world. Many teenagers waste a whole lot of money or even sacrifice almost everything for playing online games instead of communicating with outside world, which has a negative effect on children. It seems that Internet game addiction has seriously harmed our children, and the situation allows no delay to help them get rid of the online game addiction. Now the Micro Keylogger – the Best Spying Software provides you a good opportunity to help your children stop their Internet game addiction. It will help you monitor and restrict them on your computer when you are not at home.

As parental monitoring software, the Best Spying Software allows you to spy all your children’s activity on the Internet, including what applications they used, which websites they visited, which game they played and more. All these logs will be sent secretly to the email that is set by yourself. Thus, you can know all their activity online about what games they often play and which web page they like to view.

The Best Spying Software will help you block the web pages and games that you want. Because the Best Spying Software has already helped you record what games your children often play and which websites they like to visit, you just need to put the keywords like "WOW.exe" or URLs on the blacklist of the software, and then it will help you block all you want automatically and secretly.

Since the Best Spying Software spies and blocks in stealth mode, your children will find that it is because of server error instead of your monitoring on the computer. All these will greatly reduce their enthusiasm about playing computer games, and if this persists, they will get rid of Internet game addiction. Besides assistance of the Best Spying Software, parents also should take more care of them and spend more time keeping company with your children.

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