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As for many kids, the internet is so attractive that they would like to spend most of their spare time on searching on the internet. Nevertheless, the excessive internet abuse turns out to be the distort of kids’ moral value. If kids are addicted to the illusory world, their character can be autistic that they feel uncomfortable to stay with others, their behavior can be strange or even weird, which is really the obstacle to kids’ health development. In fact, there are some effective tools, such as the Mac internet filter which can provide the best internet protection for Mac, to help you save your kids from the internet.

Running in Complete Invisible and Undetectable Way

Generally speaking, whenever the kids have the self-awareness, they are disgusted with those who intervene their personal inappropriate activity, including the parents. Taking the psychological status into consideration, the protection of the kids should undergo silently and secretly. The Mac internet blocker can provide the best internet protection for Mac owing to the fact that it can work in the complete invisible and undetectable mode. It allows the parents to use it without any hesitation.

Record all Website History even in Private Mode

In fact, if you want to block the undesirable websites to protect your kids effectively, you’d better master your kids surfing habits firstly. To some extents, the website history of your kids can strongly imply their surfing habits. According to their website history, you are able to know what kind of websites they like most, whether they have searched the inappropriate websites and so on. Even if your kids use the private browsing mode, the Mac website filter, the best internet protection for Mac, can capture it without any missing. In accordance with the website history, you can figure out the unwanted websites in your heart.

Block all the Undesirable Websites on the Internet

The websites blocking feature of the Mac website filter can show that it is the best internet protection for Mac. In fact, there are blacklist and whitelist available with the complete different function.

As for the blacklist, it can block all the undesirable websites in the blacklist with the keywords. As long as you have put the unwanted keywords to the blacklist, it can be block definitely. The websites related to the keywords cannot appear on your kids’ Mac as it used to be.

The other way to block the undesirable websites is the application of the whitelist. You are able to add the keywords to the whitelist to only the normal operation of the websites related to the keywords only. That is to say, only the websites related to the keywords can appear on your kids Mac, the other websites are blocked. You are allowed to select the ways you want as well.

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