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What can Ascendant NFM bring to you? Can you trust every employee or user on your network? Can you ensure that every user ‘beys the rules’ and does not try to access files and sensitive data they should not? Are you sure network users are not downloading files that create potential security risks? Are you secure in knowing that employees will never attempt to steal or leak vital corporate data from your network? Then you need Ascendant NFM to help you find the answers to all these questions!

Know About Ascendant NFM

Ascendant NFM monitoring software is known for providing a client-free network file, application, and website monitoring. While requiring absolutely no software installation on any computer on your network, you can centrally monitor and record every file action that occurs on your network. Every file opening, creation, modification, and deletion is recorded along with the user that performed the action, and when. In addition, Ascendant NFM contains essential logging tools that will log and show you every application and website used by users on your network.

Key Features of Ascendant NFM

Not only can Ascendant NFM monitor and log every file event that occurs on your network, but it can also protect your sensitive data and assets by archiving copies of specified files whenever they are modified, as well as alerting you whenever a user changes or deletes any critical files on your network.

Network File Monitoring and Logging

Ascendant NFM can log every file action on your network. Every file that is opened, created, modified, or deleted by users will be logged. The full file path along with the user that performed the action, and at the time the action occurred is logged. NFM can show you if sensitive files are being modified, and it can show you everything a user downloads when they think no one is watching. Should you wish to restrict network-wide monitoring to only specific files you can use the built-in filtering mechanism that will allow you to log only specific files, directories, or file types on your network.

Application Usage Monitoring

Ascendant NFM can log and show you a list of applications each user on your network uses. Each application log includes the name of the user that executed the program, and when they executed it. If your network users are playing games, running chat software, browsing the web, or running legitimate productivity applications you will know. With a single click, you can view all applications a selected computer has used (sorted by user) or all applications used on your entire network.

Website Activity Usage Monitoring

Ascendant NFM can log every single website event that occurs on your network. Ascendant NFM can log and show you every website the users visit with Internet Explorer or Firefox, allowing you to rest easy knowing exactly where your users are going. Website logs can be viewed by computer, or for the entire network in a single click. The website logs will show you what websites were visited by each user on your network computers.

File Alert Notifications

Acting as a data watchdog, Ascendant NFM can passively watch every file event users perform on your network. When a specified file is modified or deleted you can receive an email alert instantly detailing the event that occurred so you can take action. You can specify file alerts by specific file names, file extensions, or directory names.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Ascendant NFM’s comprehensive reporting tools can generate a handful of unique reports that allow you to easily assess your network data situation without having to pour through thousands of log entries. Reports that NFM can generate are:

  • Complete file usage for selected computers, or all network computers
  • Top files used on selected computers, or all network computers
  • Most active users that are modifying files on your network
  • Most active computers that are modifying files on your network

All reports are generated in a sleek, easy-to-read CSV file and printed in PDF format and can be prepared for specific dates, or all dates logged. Report icons are customizable for company printouts as well.

Centralized Log Viewing and Management

Ascendant NFM‘s logging capabilities can produce a large amount of data. To make log management easier, all logs for your entire network are viewable simply by selecting one or more (or all) computers and viewing their usage logs with a click of the “View” button. To help you find specific log entries all logs can be searched by time, username, or keyword. Log entries can be filtered by date as well. Once you are done viewing logs, you can use the log archive feature to save logs to a safe place while clearing out your current log-set to make log browsing a more manageable task. All logs, including generated log search results for keywords, dates, users, etc. can be saved with a click of your mouse for future reference.

Activity Log Email Delivery

Ascendant NFM has the ability to gather up all file usage logs for all network computers and send them to you via email at at time interval you set. All logs are formatted for easy viewing in HTML format. If you are away from the NFM console for an extended period of time you can have NFM clear all activity logs every time it sends you a batch of logs.

No Client Installation Needed, Undetectable

Ascendant NFM is unique in that it requires no software installation on any of the computers you wish to monitor, only a username and password for the computer. The only software that is necessary is the main Ascendant NFM program that gets installed on the computer you want to monitor your network from. This means that you can have NFM set up and monitoring your network in minutes – as opposed to having to do a complete roll-out to every workstation, along with applying configurations for each one. NFM’s monitoring is totally undetectable by users.

Easy to Use and Manage

Ascendant NFM’s sleek user interface is very easy to navigate and use. All relevant features can be accessed from a list of options. Computers can be added to the monitoring list using the built-in wizards and can be then edited later on using the same wizards. Log viewing and report generation features are all accessible with a single mouse click on the main interface. No software needs to be installed on monitored computers, so there is never a need to perform an uninstallation when you are done monitoring a computer on your network – just delete it from the computer list.

Ascendant NFM software is famous for providing the most professional and overall monitoring features. Thus a lot of employers and supervisors have used NFM to monitor employee Mac activities, increase employee productivity, prevent insider threats, and protect company property.

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