Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac

improve insider threat prevention

Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac is updated to a new version, which gets great improvement in its stealth working. After installation, Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac secretly and silently resides itself in your Mac system. Whenever you boot your Mac, Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac will start running automatically without the user’s awareness.

Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac Hides from Dock, Menu Bar, and Spotlight

Being invisible from Dock and Menu Bar is the basic requirement for a secret Keylogger Mac. And this is always the feature of Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac.

When you search something on Mac, you may use Spotlight. Users may get to know an unauthorized installation on their Mac by searching with Spotlight. But Aobo keystroke logging software never provides others the chance to do so as the new Aobo Invisible Keylogger Mac perfectly escapes from locating by Spotlight.

Hidden from Finder sidebar – Search For & Search Results

Search For in Finder sidebar is a popular feature used by Mac OS X users. It keeps a log of the files and applications opened, used and changed on the Mac in past days. Aobo keystroke logger Mac removes its traces from Search For by itself even when it is running on the Mac all day long.

Like Spotlight in Menu Bar, Finder provides search feature on the upper right corner no matter which folder you are in. Aobo Stealth Keylogger for Mac is concealed from search in the search result to reduce the clue of its existence.

Hidden from Login Items

Aobo Invisible Keylogger Mac works as users log in, but it will never show up in Login Items list as other keyloggers and applications do. Users won’t notice there is a new application – Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac installed and set to automatically running as Mac starts up even if they modify the account settings.

How Is Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac Useful?

Aobo Stealth Keylogger for Mac is a powerful keylogging program which records the activities on the target Mac computer in detail. It can be used to ensure children’s online safety and increase employee productivity in the workplace.

Ensure Children’s Online Safety

Nowadays an increasing number of children are having access to the Internet and the expensive Mac computers. On one hand, the Internet is a playground for children to enjoy themselves and learn new things. On the other hand, however, the Internet is the source of danger.

The most common online hazards include cyberbullying, online sexual predators, private information leakage. Many children are active on social media sites. They like to post photos and videos of themselves, what they’ve done, where they’ve been, even their phone number. All these make it easy for online sexual predators to contact children and even harm them. It’s necessary that parents use some Mac keylogger to monitor children’s activities and protect them away from these potential dangers.

Increase Employee Productivity

A report reflects that employees spend between one to three hours surfing the Internet on personal business at work. This may lead to severe productivity loss. This is one reason that employers decide to use employee monitoring software such as Stealth Keylogger Mac.

Another reason is that some disloyal employees may leak confidential business information to competitors. Such irresponsible behavior may bring about a huge economic loss to the company. To catch insider threats, it’s also necessary to use Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac to monitor employees’ activities on the company-offered Mac computers. 

Users can completely delete Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac installer folder from the Mac after the installation is finished. The only way users can access the keylogger is to hit a preset key combination and then enter the keylogger password. With Aobo Stealth Keylogger Mac, you are standing closer to the truth.

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